Saturday, March 31, 2007



Thursday March 29th 2007, We went to the court and about the Case Conference. Turn it out uglier because Judge surprised about our Charter Rights section 7 to 15 due agency lack of respecting our rights. The agency were awful lot broke violation our rights. My lawyer is pretty good job and making points it out. Judge want arrangement post pone due long haul discuss "arguing against the Agency"which we have facts evidence against the agency. We'll keep until the next court within on May 23rd 2007. They agency really dislike it. Too bad and get tough!

If not working it out "Case Conference" will move to the trail and make a call to "A.G. Gov't lawyer" recognize and to come down to have re-looked our case.. Will move to higher the court. (Wait and see find it out further) We are patience and through ordeal long haul fight the court til our goal the case must move to higher the court... Make it so lawsuit against the agency. We are not going giving up!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wha..a... heck my day?

Dry Throat

When I woke up this morning and caught bad coughing and tried spitting out of clot inside down my throat..
Damn hurts! I ain't comfy while sleep through the overnights due dry.. I believe possible it's Hay Fever returns or Virus airborne either way.

I have to patience w/this stupid Dry Throat and hoping Coffee could kill my dry throat but isn't working, because can feel inside down my throat alike "hair ball". Drove me nuts every minute and tried force myself cough but isn't working. *Mumbling*

My husband came into my bedroom and guess what the Deaf Guy who was murdered his name Brian Wainman by two teenagers. Two Teenagers were pleasuring and stabbing and beating him up awful lot. My husband was stated that was newspaper. Geez, Why two teenagers are full of stupid and being pleasuring beating and stabbing him up?
Newspaper source:

Really awful news hearing about this details.