Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sad News... About my hometown

Broke my heart goes out for Alma College which it's very historical building.
Alma College already burned down and everything gone.
RIP: 1876 to 2008 Alma College.

My daughter went there and having Protestant reason wanted saved Alma College somehow unexpected someone planted the fire and big flames fire the Alma College. Lot of people were screaming and upset. Police and Firetruck were arrived there and try to save Alma College unfortunately no way to save because very weak building collapsed. Pretty sad and tragic!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Violation your Rights..

Whoever the person have gone too far and violation your rights which you created your vlogs/blogs. Made the twisting way different story against your breath. Therefore have no respect your violation the rights. View my vlog..
When r u done viewed my vlog and hopefully you could feel right and go forth sign the petition reason to stop Richard Roehm aka Nesmuth stealing your vlog/blogs due your creation copyrights. He has done several million broke the breech of violation your copyrights and post his website.
and may more others too.. Who knows!
Reason Richard Roehm have disadvantage your vlog because there's no subtitles therefore he can create so many lies twisting stories otherwise want continue against yours.
You can check Youtube/Blog's policy of violation before you may go ahead written the formal complaint promptly. Eg what your reason: He stole your vlog or blog or others.

My proposed that petition sign here and goal 10k to over so I'll bring this topic up to attention blogger's and youtube's owner plus other too.. I ain't going spill my beans more than other serious matter.
Thank you very much for your time..
View my video.... *click play me*