Thursday, May 8, 2008

My sewage pipe already broken....

April 18th 2008: First time flood the water at my basement and call plumber then came over my place which it's urgent and fix it the problem which flapper is no longer remove it.
April 25th 2008: Second time flood water and called Professional Mr Rooter Plumber came over my place and to fix the problem. Until 10 days later, ugh again flood came back and call same company then came over my place fix the problem. Decide to use camera inside the pipe and what wrong the pipe and found it's broken pipe!

May 6th 2008 Yesterday, My husband and I went over to see the City Hall and file request for repair the sewage pipe.
May 7th 2008: Today, The City Hall and Mr Rooter company came over my place and checking the measurement where belongs to my property or city hall's property line. Finally answer was belong to my property but not belong to city hall's property line. I was kind upset and little squirky pissed off big time reason we don't have money like that 3k worth to repair replace sewage pipe includes the digging big hole. I've made contacted my FIL/MIL and cannot help us do anything and as long you have to dig your own. I felt heart wrenched broken and remind about my friend who from OHIO and did they digging themselves but lucky helping by their relatives came along digging their home. Pretty lucky they are but not us because nobody are going help us dig the huge hole. Wrong timing due my lumbar back not even heal recover fully yet plus my baby son 6 mos and 2 wks old. My husband just laid off his job for 5 weeks until got back his work 2 1/2 wks ago. Not even fully enough to meet needs pay full 3k amount for sewage repair which important for us expense on mortgage and bills plus foods provide for my children plus baby too. (sigh) ain't fun though...
Which we cannot use water or restroom or else... *Break my heart*
I'm really first time like this happening being first owner of house!

***UPDATE*** May 8th 2008
Want share with you good news about sewage pipe.

So Many Thanks to vloggers who made the comments.