Friday, January 18, 2008

2nd vlog: 1 Opitions

Sad News, Hospital's choice is the only one optional.
Really find this quite sick!
Even Doctor really want encourage people Parents who have Deaf Baby and to have cochlear implant. ONLY ONE OPTIONAL! *Wha...a.. joke?*

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My very first Vlog: Jan 17 2008

My very first Vlog!

I'm very little nervous and involved first vlog today.. Give me a little time and learn adapt my vlog. I don't know how works Subtitles
add into my video.. Anyone who can help me out?
I'll be very happy listening your comments.

Hello, I'm Terri Watts and Canadian here.
Want to tell you 'bout my life but prefer later! Okay....
Issue 'bout my baby born.
I was transfered another room and spend time w/my new baby boy. Somehow Nurse Mentor came into my room and gave me the booklet. I read booklet "Can your baby hear?"
Will explain you later next vlog. Ok.
Here's my first video.. (Digital Camera)**Forgive me, bit dark** Learned my lesson next time bright light and better viewing.. I'll promise you!