Monday, June 11, 2007

Extreme Busy rest of wk and wknd too..

Hello Everyone,

I hasn't been on line since extreme busy hang around sort it out things. Due focusing on Wedding Crafts rest of wk but almost finish do my work before incoming up their wedding near time!

Guess What, I wasn't expecting my british bulldog (Rogue) got pregnant. I didn't breed her but believe Bruiser did done w/her "Great Bed" themselves. I cannot image that how can Both handle themselves because of heaviest weight and cannot have great bed! I've used to have breeding her from Bruiser's sperm. I'm very surprised Rogue really pregnant but don't know when her due, bye the way, I have to keep eye on her in case if Rogue is on her contraction.. Rogue will take a vet and have c-section to birthing litter.

Recent wknd, My family went to East Park (London,Ontario) for Water Fun, Go Karts, Batting, Golfing, Mini-Golfing, and much more... which my husband's work Formet hosting and have them free admission which his company paid for.. We were great time and little exhausted from sun ray'ed on us.. My husband had to hurry and get back home then dress up his work clothes on and ready for work 7pm (on call emergency) He have to go work for "Overtime". My kids already went bed early 930pm because so tired and went fall sleep quick.. Finally I'm so relaxing while watching the t.v. but still felt so tired and decide gone bed early 11pm.