Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Daughter was dated year of 2004 to 2006

Year of 2004 to 2006 overall Family's photos

This is my little son and was dated 2005 to 2006

Shopping Spree....


While I'm driving on the road and got alert paged which it's emergency due family matters. I have no choice and drove around the another side direction. Everything went okay but.. actually NOT OKAY!

Anyway, I went over to my hubby's friend's place and ask use your printer reason just simple doucement about flight time and date blab blah every the details. So anyway, Stop by at the Bulk Foods store and to buy Onion Soup, Maccorni Cheese powder, and crotons (cesear salad) and drove around another store, Office supplies and to buy Paper printer, 2 different ink of printer black and colors. I drove around another place store, Wal-Fart and to see the price of XBOX360 reasonable price but there's no membership card in it there.. Not worth to buy it. Decide to go another store called "Super Store and already made decision to buy xBox360 included Ghost Reckon and Silver membership card cost me 459.68 dollars which it's bargin the sale. *sigh* Last Resort I went over to the Elgin Mall and to buy two belts, 5 skeleton girly socks and hat. Finally I arrive sweet home sweet... Ache my feets... *chuckles*

Keep me busy all the day and took me 2 hours and 15 minutes errands things do...
Left from my home 1130am... Arrive home 215pm

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's fucking snowing..

It's fucking snowing here again..

See Pumpkin's face.. How am I feel exactly........>
When I get up this morning and came downstair and can see distance look out the window. (Groan), Why fucking snowing here again? This is supposed be Spring time but why snow is returned? Weather may impossible screwed up the global warming or mother nature? What do your mind about this ?

I'm getting there and tired bring winter stuffs back and put on the shelf on coat closet. Sick of it!
Another whine.... I'm talking myself and mumbling toward the heater turn it bit increase in case kept this house warm and longer until 100% weather is back normal stable for a week because tired of roller coaster heating deceasing and increase forth! Ugh! Drove me nuts and climb up the wall too. Pretty huge frustration here! *mumbling* but, I'm not really bitchy mode on yet.. Just sort of frustration!
Doesn't want to wear winter coat again.. *sigh* ((Patience hell wear winter coast again)) *mumbling*
I do not mind at all as long keep me warm everyday.

And also will have things around errands...
Paying the stupid bills and others... As long I have to drive careful due weather really extreme heavy thick snowing but not really storm..

Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 11 to 18th 2007 *March Break is over today*

Finally at last, March break is over today.... *woooot*
I'm look forward my babies going back school by tomorrow.. I'll be snoopy dance!
*chuckles* Deserved it ? BIG YES!!!!!

Big hit time today was so heck boring!

(chuckles) Funny this picture.. "Just Boring"

Wha... a heck day?
Feel get more boring... ?
Thinking about boring?
Want to sleep and dreaming about Boring?
Relaxation is boring too?
aww come on and tell me what heck yours?