Tuesday, February 26, 2008

McDonald- Refused Service to Deaf Customers (related Drive thru)

3 Different Location McDonalds.....
1.Drive Thru Cashier kept yak yak yak yak.. (ugh)
2.Drive Thru Cashier went well smooth with me (as Deaf Customer) promptly ask me pull over park while wait for my order placed. Behind the driver was so angry and rage came and stop then angry shouting at me. Whoa, Excuse me, What are you trying say "Not belong here?" Rage Driver promptly answered me back "You're Deaf not supposed belong here and GET OUT OF HERE!" My god, Unbelievable the rage driver.. Must be lose their mind and cuckoo?
3.Drive Thru Cashier really very rude remarks and their facial expression attitude dirty looks and refused take our order placement as we are Deaf Customer. I ask Cashier promptly nicely, we have to rights order but Cashier refused take our order and force us and GO park it and get inside the order it. My god, Cashier is frigg'n no willing co-operative deal with Deaf Customers. I asked my husband, never mind let's go and park it. I'll handle this problem! I went stormed into the McDonald and ask for Manager please. Cashier stunned surprised how am I angry looks and finally got Manager. Manager came and see me, Nicely talk. I replied to the Manager, Can you see my face turned into RED! Yes, I'm mad! I wrote the paper. "I'm not very happy w/your service in Drive Thru, who refused take my order placed because We are Deaf Customer/" Drive Thru cashier force us and go walk inside the McDonald and take order. Manager was so surprised looking shocked and asked me what do you like order? Few minutes later, Manager bring LARGE OF LUMP 2X Meals extra lot of baggies. I ask Manager, Excuse me, I wasn't order like that. Manager say "Never mind, you can take it" I replied to Manager, well, actually I still not satisfaction your service and request your co-worker drive thru cashier come here! Manager really not happy but have to accept deal with this matter and get the person who was work drive thru. Finally Drive thru cashier work came and saw me, spoke out of loud mouth about me. Manager got turned into RED FACE front of public.. I was watched both of them.. How's so nice of that! Manager really not happy with his staff worker and blew angrily directly his worker. Therefore, I'm satisfaction and happy then took my large of lump meals baggies away which it's FREE meals.. :) I spoke w/my husband about matter of situation at McDonald which Manager really angry and blew his co-worker staff of drive thru cashier. My husband really thrilled and curious and took off our car and went into the McDonald then got back into the car again and telling us. "My God, really Manager still red face, My husband said." I laughed, I don't give them a damn. Let's go home!
I feel better! (chuckles)

Monday, February 25, 2008

KODA "Christmas Relatives Party"

Issues: Confused which one Grandpa because my son really confused and thought two grandpas! When He was about 4 yrs old. Pretty funny and crack up!

Best Condom p:2 Next Deaf Generation.... *Jokes*

Next Deaf Generation.
Prevouis Best Condom part 1: Father and his son are strong bond. Son was asked his father permission for spend time with his girlfriend. He was realized that his girlfriend got pregnant and a baby boy. Part two: 17 years later, He's grown big boy.
Watch this video clip..
Let's prepare bring your popcorn and cold drink!
Video clip minutes: 5:00 less.