Thursday, August 14, 2008

DeafHood Recoglize?

DeafHood have identify yourself truly meaning to you?
Relate the topic about School raised where you was placed at....?
Welcome debate topic your pov as such con and pro. Disagree debate always welcomed. Important Education feedback together would be greater appreciated.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gone to Hell, Mich. USA (Deaf Bikers)

So Many Thanks to Silent Wheels having me there.
I had blast time there and met 10 Vloggers relate to
Really Amazed, I've enjoyed staying camping for long weekend from July 31 to August 3rd 2008.
I have two different videos.
Part one:

Part two:

Sunday, July 13, 2008 talk about Iphone *click the icon* If you're Canadian and please sign the petition.

We had over 60,000 people fill out our petition to bring down the prices of the data plan on the Apple iPhone 3G offered by Rogers.


The petition helped but now we need power to make the real difference. Americans have a choice and have fair cellular voice and data plans and now its time for Canadians to stand up and demand fair cellular pricing.

The only way to have power to make change is in the number of people willing to fight for their rights. They know we need our phones. That gives them power. We need to get more than a petition going. We need to get a list of people together that is big enough that we can demand fair voice and data plans.

I'm quite disappointment with Rogers Company which kept stubborn high price rates of data and others by the way I kept continue fight for that and not going giving up!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sad News... About my hometown

Broke my heart goes out for Alma College which it's very historical building.
Alma College already burned down and everything gone.
RIP: 1876 to 2008 Alma College.

My daughter went there and having Protestant reason wanted saved Alma College somehow unexpected someone planted the fire and big flames fire the Alma College. Lot of people were screaming and upset. Police and Firetruck were arrived there and try to save Alma College unfortunately no way to save because very weak building collapsed. Pretty sad and tragic!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Violation your Rights..

Whoever the person have gone too far and violation your rights which you created your vlogs/blogs. Made the twisting way different story against your breath. Therefore have no respect your violation the rights. View my vlog..
When r u done viewed my vlog and hopefully you could feel right and go forth sign the petition reason to stop Richard Roehm aka Nesmuth stealing your vlog/blogs due your creation copyrights. He has done several million broke the breech of violation your copyrights and post his website.
and may more others too.. Who knows!
Reason Richard Roehm have disadvantage your vlog because there's no subtitles therefore he can create so many lies twisting stories otherwise want continue against yours.
You can check Youtube/Blog's policy of violation before you may go ahead written the formal complaint promptly. Eg what your reason: He stole your vlog or blog or others.

My proposed that petition sign here and goal 10k to over so I'll bring this topic up to attention blogger's and youtube's owner plus other too.. I ain't going spill my beans more than other serious matter.
Thank you very much for your time..
View my video.... *click play me*

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whoever vloggers interesting join my carpool and attend National Deaf Poker Texas Hold'em

Reason I wanted to ask anyone vloggers and who interest join car pool w/me along straight to Gary, Indiana from Detorit, Michigan (us border across from Canada).
Anyone interested.. Let me know and leave your comment.
Please if you not interest and don't leave your comment here.
Link: and click for PDF there's more info about it.
I prefer leave on June 6th and staying hotel two nights from June 6 and 7th and departure date 8th of June.
Thank you very much.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Misbelief and Naughty Girl at Deaf School

When I was teenager and Misbelief plus naughty girl too.

1. I loved Revenge all Deaf Students. Yeah, I'm admit, I'm naughty girl!
2. I was hang around w/my best friend and went hitch hiker then went to see my sweetheart's place. I got bad conquestion and end up grounded for 2 wks but extra another grounded 2 weeks more.. (mumbling)
By the way, I never forget about my best past moments when I was teenager time.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My sewage pipe already broken....

April 18th 2008: First time flood the water at my basement and call plumber then came over my place which it's urgent and fix it the problem which flapper is no longer remove it.
April 25th 2008: Second time flood water and called Professional Mr Rooter Plumber came over my place and to fix the problem. Until 10 days later, ugh again flood came back and call same company then came over my place fix the problem. Decide to use camera inside the pipe and what wrong the pipe and found it's broken pipe!

May 6th 2008 Yesterday, My husband and I went over to see the City Hall and file request for repair the sewage pipe.
May 7th 2008: Today, The City Hall and Mr Rooter company came over my place and checking the measurement where belongs to my property or city hall's property line. Finally answer was belong to my property but not belong to city hall's property line. I was kind upset and little squirky pissed off big time reason we don't have money like that 3k worth to repair replace sewage pipe includes the digging big hole. I've made contacted my FIL/MIL and cannot help us do anything and as long you have to dig your own. I felt heart wrenched broken and remind about my friend who from OHIO and did they digging themselves but lucky helping by their relatives came along digging their home. Pretty lucky they are but not us because nobody are going help us dig the huge hole. Wrong timing due my lumbar back not even heal recover fully yet plus my baby son 6 mos and 2 wks old. My husband just laid off his job for 5 weeks until got back his work 2 1/2 wks ago. Not even fully enough to meet needs pay full 3k amount for sewage repair which important for us expense on mortgage and bills plus foods provide for my children plus baby too. (sigh) ain't fun though...
Which we cannot use water or restroom or else... *Break my heart*
I'm really first time like this happening being first owner of house!

***UPDATE*** May 8th 2008
Want share with you good news about sewage pipe.

So Many Thanks to vloggers who made the comments.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My bad lumbar back..

(isn't same my statement comment from video as below)
Almost 3 weeks and half alikely near a month, which I have accident for no reason. When I was try lifting my infant son up somehow caused my lumbar back came pain hell alot. I tries to figure it out why caused it. I'm ongoing attend massage and chiropractor therapy non stop every other day. So Far seems Improved my lumbar back healing but still pain ongoing for example when I'm sitting on the chair and takes me 10 minutes later will coming back pain hell lot so cannot handle stay longer than 10 minutes and have to go back on my sofa bed and lay down for my resting long hours.. Isn't fun for me like that.

I do miss coming and visit on vloggers under DeafRead and Deafvideo.t.v and also other forums too. Since I have not use my computer pretty awful long due my bad lumbar back. (pretty sux) By the way, Least I can come use my computer only limit use within 10 minutes.

That's all so far. Hopefully one day, My lumbar back get back normal life again soon.
(sigh) *Break my breath carried away*

Take Care all of you guys. (hugs)

My Reacts about two girls -n- one cup.

Seems this two ladies are sicko.. Both of ladies should have deserved belong to psycho hospital.
My Reacts quite okay but seems two ladies are full of doofus!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guess Who Birthday ??? Related to DeafRead Vloggers!

*Waving My hands everyone* Attention Guess who birthday????
It's Deaf Roger and Adrian too

Check my video short clip,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

McDonald- Refused Service to Deaf Customers (related Drive thru)

3 Different Location McDonalds.....
1.Drive Thru Cashier kept yak yak yak yak.. (ugh)
2.Drive Thru Cashier went well smooth with me (as Deaf Customer) promptly ask me pull over park while wait for my order placed. Behind the driver was so angry and rage came and stop then angry shouting at me. Whoa, Excuse me, What are you trying say "Not belong here?" Rage Driver promptly answered me back "You're Deaf not supposed belong here and GET OUT OF HERE!" My god, Unbelievable the rage driver.. Must be lose their mind and cuckoo?
3.Drive Thru Cashier really very rude remarks and their facial expression attitude dirty looks and refused take our order placement as we are Deaf Customer. I ask Cashier promptly nicely, we have to rights order but Cashier refused take our order and force us and GO park it and get inside the order it. My god, Cashier is frigg'n no willing co-operative deal with Deaf Customers. I asked my husband, never mind let's go and park it. I'll handle this problem! I went stormed into the McDonald and ask for Manager please. Cashier stunned surprised how am I angry looks and finally got Manager. Manager came and see me, Nicely talk. I replied to the Manager, Can you see my face turned into RED! Yes, I'm mad! I wrote the paper. "I'm not very happy w/your service in Drive Thru, who refused take my order placed because We are Deaf Customer/" Drive Thru cashier force us and go walk inside the McDonald and take order. Manager was so surprised looking shocked and asked me what do you like order? Few minutes later, Manager bring LARGE OF LUMP 2X Meals extra lot of baggies. I ask Manager, Excuse me, I wasn't order like that. Manager say "Never mind, you can take it" I replied to Manager, well, actually I still not satisfaction your service and request your co-worker drive thru cashier come here! Manager really not happy but have to accept deal with this matter and get the person who was work drive thru. Finally Drive thru cashier work came and saw me, spoke out of loud mouth about me. Manager got turned into RED FACE front of public.. I was watched both of them.. How's so nice of that! Manager really not happy with his staff worker and blew angrily directly his worker. Therefore, I'm satisfaction and happy then took my large of lump meals baggies away which it's FREE meals.. :) I spoke w/my husband about matter of situation at McDonald which Manager really angry and blew his co-worker staff of drive thru cashier. My husband really thrilled and curious and took off our car and went into the McDonald then got back into the car again and telling us. "My God, really Manager still red face, My husband said." I laughed, I don't give them a damn. Let's go home!
I feel better! (chuckles)

Monday, February 25, 2008

KODA "Christmas Relatives Party"

Issues: Confused which one Grandpa because my son really confused and thought two grandpas! When He was about 4 yrs old. Pretty funny and crack up!

Best Condom p:2 Next Deaf Generation.... *Jokes*

Next Deaf Generation.
Prevouis Best Condom part 1: Father and his son are strong bond. Son was asked his father permission for spend time with his girlfriend. He was realized that his girlfriend got pregnant and a baby boy. Part two: 17 years later, He's grown big boy.
Watch this video clip..
Let's prepare bring your popcorn and cold drink!
Video clip minutes: 5:00 less.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ASL News vol: 2 , Three different topic..

WELCOME MY ASL NEWS vol:2, Three different topic.

I did try my best use subtitles.. you can turn off or turn on subtitles.
This is my very first time user

Monday, February 11, 2008

TV News: Compare Oralism and ASL

My invest is amazing came up my mind and decide creating TV News. I thought I want to share with you everyone can viewed my TV News.

Will continue TV News: ASL NEWS only... Next vlog or later.. (chuckles)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Funny Memories.. I never forget that best moment!

Amazed me Really! Related to Deaf Camp which called "Ontario Christian Deaf Camp" at Parry Sound, Ontario. Canada When I was about 14 or 15 yrs old. Oh please, you better watch my vlog. Needless, I cannot say anything more my expression feelings.. Oh my gosh.. (laughing)
**BLUSHED** (ahem) I didn't realized that My baby son burped and vomit on my right side arm.. (shrugs) Just ignore my arm! okay! *Laughing*

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I want share with you, What I did researched.... (AgBAD)

This is part 1 7:20 minutes. and also will continue part 2 below 3:41 minutes.
I think you need benefits to get know more info about different topics. What I like
to share with you so many issues. ASL video only.

And also other thing issue Donate:
Why Gallaudent University and NITD donate to AgBAD funds? Does Gallaudent and NITD knew about AgBAD's background?? Doesn't make sense AgBAD still hate ASL reason want their goal mouth and Ears= Speak/Listening (Speech therapy and AVT) Why AgBAD asking more donate "begged" help for Young children needs Hearing aid? **BEHIND THEIR SCREENING* advantages everyone received donate and expense on CI... not hearing aid.
Rest of Gally/NTID really blind about AgBAD's background.. Needs time to stop donate toward to AgBAD and make it so soon as possible before continue donating..

Ideally, a bill of rights for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children should include the concepts discussed in this article. The enactment of such a bill in your state may be possible by keeping your legislators informed of Deaf and Hard of Hearing education issues working with your state Association of the Deaf, and maintaining open communication with local, state and national service providers, programs, organizations, agencies, and other appropriate individuals and entities.

***AgBAD is part of advocacy for Deaf and Hard of Hearing but NOT!!! Their own Independent way not part of other organizations. It's discrimination!***

The Child should have the rights to have ASL as one of the academic subjects in his /her educational curriculum when the child's primary languages is ASL.

Child can speak their own rights but AgBAD and Parent keep pressuring to the Deaf Child. Do you know why, Deaf Child have no back up Intervention supportive worker. Deaf Child will suffer and unhappy..(pretend make Parent HAPPY) Is that good health?

Which AgBAD is trying to monopolizing convince Hearing Parents who have a Deaf Child. Make your Child is successful become Hearing person and not allowed Sign Languages. Hearing Parent are happy best interest for their child have cochlear Implant. How Child have rights? Hearing Parents have rights? Mixed up signals.. who fault learned from AgBAD and Hospital Doctor encourged them opinion 1.

Look Listen Carefully:
American School for the Deaf-Established in 1817 (very first school founded)
It's ASL (Sign Languages).

27 Years later,

AgBAD founded in 1890... Speech therpy, provide hearing aids and much more..
(ahem) AgBAD is taken over Deaf Community/organizations/society and agency... reason goal wipe them all out of their business.

FYI: Agbad is totally blew 2nd times letter.. which it's discrimination. Anybody who can rights sue them? Totally Broke the American bill of rights under NAD.

1st video dated: Feb 5th 2008
2nd Video dated: Feb 6th 2008

Anything More Feedbacks???
Would be appreciated sharing teamwork together!

Monday, February 4, 2008

UPDATED.. about Pepsi Deaf Commercial.. *Canadian*

UPDATED: I spoke w/TV company this morning through vp they were telling me "Sorry, We aren't bring FOX's commercial here on Canada Broadcast and only willing bring SuperBowl Football showing.. (Sadly) We are Canadian. I wish Canada Broadcast adapt with American Broadcast for commercial. They understand and asked me, "I heard about AGBell and tell me what happened" I was kind little stunned surprise! *ahem* I gave little spill the beans about AGBAD. That's all I can say more..
I do not want fill in more details.. and let them look into the DeafRead and other website.. One day, TV company will understand how Deaf Community feel.

I cannot believe about: Dont Blame AGBell For Missing The PepsiCo Ad
The Orange Deafie Blog As evidenced in the photo above, the deafies were already pointing their cannons at AGBell for what they thought was responsible for PepsiCo pulling the ad. Click on the image to view larger picture.The ad was never pulled. It was actually shown before the game.YES, BEFORE THE GAME!So don't blame AGBell for missing the PepsiCo ad.Blame it on the high illiteracy rate...

U know who is.. RICHARD ROHEM (Nesmuth)

(sigh) He is pointing finger directly blame Deaf people aren't read sufficient?
Excuse me!

Winter Time

Sorry, I have to pre-publish again because my post went into DeafRead EXTRA. Supposed be publish on Front page vlog only..


When I was child and the snow
Trapped me 6ft below.

I cannot express, how I feel about trapped me 6ft below the snow. Pretty funny, but my dad was so
angry at me. When I was climbed up high the stairway railing beside the storm door and jump fly over the snow. Really funny but I'm stuck into the snow 6ft below and cannot get out, so decide screaming calling "DADDY" but didn't hear me sort of little bit long actually don't know how long, I was staying there. Finally, My Daddy spotted me but can't get me out the 6ft below snow so took shoveling. He took long shoveling snow sort of looks alike as Moses command water split down the center. I love this funny memories when I was child and believed year was 1975-76's something.
Sorry: Funny Happened perfect timing, my daughter came to me but wasn't expecting real live recording camera.. Ha ha.. I love my daughter! (chuckles)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Not Happy with AGBELL = AGBAD!!!

What hell AGBELL selfish!!
They did that and made stop aired Pepsi Deaf Commercial!
I've learned shocked the news recently..
Here's link:

I'm very pretty upsetting about this one.

Why AGBELL dare push Pepsi company away and to stop aired..? How did they made it through?
Did AGBELL hollering help and their rights to stop them where through right channel?

Im not very good mood vlog here today this hours!

sorry.. :(

Winter Time ...


When I was child and the snow
Trapped me 6ft below.

I cannot express, how I feel about trapped me 6ft below the snow. Pretty funny, but my dad was so
angry at me. When I was climbed up high the stairway railing beside the storm door and jump fly over the snow. Really funny but I'm stuck into the snow 6ft below and cannot get out, so decide screaming calling "DADDY" but didn't hear me sort of little bit long actually don't know how long, I was staying there. Finally, My Daddy spotted me but can't get me out the 6ft below snow so took shoveling. He took long shoveling snow sort of looks alike as Moses command water split down the center. I love this funny memories when I was child and believed year was 1975-76's something.
Sorry: Funny Happened perfect timing, my daughter came to me but wasn't expecting real live recording camera.. Ha ha.. I love my daughter! (chuckles)

Do you want hear another my 3rd joke?

Hey Everyone, If you feel not good mood?
Why don't you come and view my joke video..
Relax, sit down and enjoy viewing my joke video... Prepare your popcorn and cold drink!

Reason I'm boring so why not I brought it up my another jokes. while I'm in the car.

This is not related my comment below from jokes..
Why I'm in the car?
Reason I'm going to London, Ontario because software was not working properly runs and came blank. So My husband and I went over to the Future Shop in London,Ontario and to replace the software. We met the woman who willing runs and check what wrong with software turn it out fine. Strange why isn't working my computer. The woman explained us about properly hardware called " Internal Super Multi DVD Re-writter" which comes with 20x DVD + R Write Speed, 8.5GB DVD =Double Layer 10x and DVD-R Dual 10x" Which called hardware "SecurDisc" under LG company. Pretty interesting to have that product. I'm very pretty stupid myself because not even knowledge about computer whiz and what wrong w/my computer and etc.. Turn it out software is fine! *ahem* By the way, I'm very embarrassed! (chuckles) My husband was really little grinning his eyes stare on me but enjoy driving way to London from my hometown St Thomas. (chuckles)

Friday, February 1, 2008

AGBELL need stop whine...

Finally... It's subtitles now. Took me long hours to type every script films. Pretty Interesting to learn use subtitles. (chuckles) Anyway...
AGBELL need stop whine!

AG Bell Speaks Up on Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

"AG Bell’s Board President, Karen Youdelman, and Executive Director, Alexander T. Graham, spoke up about Pepsi’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial featuring a deaf storyline ( In a letter written to PepsiCo corporate executives, Youdelman and Graham stated, “Although we appreciate Pepsi’s efforts to encourage new promotional ideas from your rank-and-file employees and your willingness to celebrate diversity, we would be remiss if we did not call your attention to the fact that…your advertisement perpetuates a common myth that all people who are deaf can only communicate using sign language.”

Youdelman and Graham then called upon PepsiCo to continue “…to educate the public…and promote appreciation for those individuals that go above and beyond to overcome the absence of something many of us take for granted - the miracle of sound.”

You may go ahead contact Pepsi,
And Thank them for their effort to expose ASL. *shake applause hands* Yes do it!

I cannot believable what a...heck wrong with AGBELL??
Is AG Bell Afraid of Something?
My answer: YES!!!! AGBELL doesn't want lose their business!

AGBELL cannot accept with Pepsi Company which they already release promptly Deaf commercial. That's too bad! Deaf Community really happy hearing all about Pepsi company sponsor for Deaf. I'm very happy and proud Pepsi Company willing do anything for Deaf Commercial TV Show of Pepsi. I do applause them! Great way to go!

AGBELL is expecting everyone must learn adapt teaching oral methods and cochlear implant will help improve better future community relationship. Where is that coming from information?? Honestly it's false information.
I've seen several few CI'ers who were not happy their feelings emotions and expression because of Parent were pressuring. I hope, One day, Everyone will wake up and understand open mind best interest for Deaf Child needs meet better education in Deaf School than Oral Methods close narrow minds focus "Mouth and Ears". I've been there experience about my past childhood and through patience make my parent happy. I don't!

Don't let AGBELL control you or everyone! Let's stand up and be strong best for ASL!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Respond comment to Barb Digi

Issues Professional psychologist...

Will come more another part 2 Bear w/me when finish my video.. Hope you will view my comment.. For example.. Okay..
here is part two..
Part two: Example I'm Deaf Professional Psychiatrist decide evaluation of the Hearing Patient and written the author book.

I have verification about the hearing people are have common standard:
violence Erupted, Bipolar Affective, Disorder, Lazy, Bum, Impulsive, Learning slow minder, Eat Disorders, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Personality Disorders, Lunatic, Anti-Social, Panic, Emotional Dysregulation, Delusional, Schizophrenia, Dependent Personality Disorder and much more... By through website and Who wrote about this one?? It's DR. HEARING PROFESSIONAL..
*PUZZLED*(scratching my head)
*cough* Wha...a... odd strange?

No Difference compares with others? Unbelievable Hearing Professional Psychiatrist dare labeled and offended really rude remarkably toward to Deaf people! Who wrote author book about Africa people cultures and Deaf People cultures. Why can't DR.Professional will leave them alone and just human being. Who they are cannot afford expensive living whereabouts the poorest country. What more, Africa Gov't not even care about others poor people on the border of one places. Wow, DR Professional came and visit the Africa and really can judging people's lives. Should I judging on DR. Professional looks appearance ?

Or Hire Donald Trump will say, "You're FIRED.." He will always focus on your (Dr Psychiatrist appearance.

Re-publish again: 1st Joke

Redo post again because First published 1st Joke wasn't appear on DeafRead Vlog list and went directly to Extra.. I have no idea..
So I have to re-published it again here..
Sure, Come, sit down and relax watch my video.. Don't forget bring your popcorn and cold drink!
Please click me play and watch my video!

Enjoy viewing my video!
Hello, Me Terri (sign language name)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bet you want hear more my jokes...

2nd Another Jokes!

Sit,relax and enjoy viewing my video.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Do you want hear my joke?

Sure, Come, sit down and relax watch my video.. Don't forget bring your popcorn and cold drink!
Please click me play and watch my video!

Enjoy viewing my video!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Force?, Nah, You can't, control you, and etc...

Hello Everyone!
I'm Terri.... Want tell you about this topic.
"Force, Nah, You can't, control you, and etc..."
Hearing People are tend say to you..
Made me turned off instant because they assumption about you..
Oh please!

P.S. **One day, I'll learn how use subtitles soon.. Just got new software "Movie edit pro" and give me few days. I hope and will pah!**

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big IF..IF... Concern about Deaf School Future?

Big Hello Everyone!

My topics about: My concern about Deaf School future as big IF!?

This is my 3rd vlog:

Thanks to Deaf Chipmunk (David Kerr) stated about tiredsome hearing depressing topics about ci.. As much, I do agree w/him 100% because seen around Deaf Peoples are angry and upset about Ci.. That facts Yes but not even think twice about future... What the most needs important things about Deaf Community future! Keep stay alive all the time no dies!

Thank you Deaf Chipmunk (David Kerr) again!

Anyway, Back to topic about: Deaf School as related to under Gov't...

I'm tired of spelling my name over over over... So I'd rather you can recoglize my sign language name.. "t" and high five palm tapping forth.. So I want to discussion this topic about Gov't..

My food of thoughts came and pop up in my mind.. Pretty quite good topic.. "Government" are the most relates to School, medical and etc... Wait minute, School, School... Oh yes.. That what I mentioned about School because related to under Gov't which talk about in Ontario, Canada..
There's have listing Deaf School under Gov't ownz..
1. Belleville, Ontario: Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf
2. Milton, Ontario: Ernest C. Drury School for the Deaf
3. Toronto (cross off mistake) Robarts School (Deaf School)

3 listings are part of under gov't owns.. whateher gov't can rights closing Deaf School due numerous of student or.. doesn't care all want close one of school due their funding? Don't know (predicts what up to Gov't's mind of plan in the future)

Even One of states.. I selected Califorina because I've heard about Fremont Deaf School may close school... That huge concern about Deaf School lead close and about Deaf Children/Teenagers where will go? Sort of Arnold Schwenger(sp) cannot even spell his last name... LOL
He's plan to close Fremont Deaf School...

Send Deaf Children/Teenagers go home.. May go to Mainstream School (Hearing School), Does they willing pay funds toward to an interpreter??? Too large Deaf Students will split different classroom... enough for an interpreter provides ?

Let's discuss..... Team work together! Throw this topics pro vs con...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Anyone know about video compress and video editing/effects/cut flimstrip?

No Vlog here today.. :( due too large mb.. (sigh) fusterate.
Tired of waiting upload youtube took me 10am until 2pm.. What hell is that awful long upload?
Wha..a.. joke?

Need your help..
I have hard time w/my video upload which it's, google, stage6 and others but still failed.. due too large mb.. *puzzled*
My video was 4 minutes today.
Last prevouis vlog 1st and 2nd was almost 7minutes.. (strange)? Why isn't same as today I was tapping video 4minutes and 248mb.. I tried to find video compress which uses avi..
Try to use Window Media video maker still not working..
Stage6 upload compress not working....
Made me fusterated hell!

Anyone can help me ?

I've been searched the video editing/effects/cut flimstrip and etc.. but nothing found..
I did try use Movavi and Vegas Movie Studio 8.0 (trail) but seems isn't my type and want video there!
So I can see video there.. plus flimstrips too.. anytime I can cut the filmstrip and add effects.. That what I'm looking for..
Anyone knew about the best software? Give me url please?
Thank you very much for your time.........

Friday, January 18, 2008

2nd vlog: 1 Opitions

Sad News, Hospital's choice is the only one optional.
Really find this quite sick!
Even Doctor really want encourage people Parents who have Deaf Baby and to have cochlear implant. ONLY ONE OPTIONAL! *Wha...a.. joke?*

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My very first Vlog: Jan 17 2008

My very first Vlog!

I'm very little nervous and involved first vlog today.. Give me a little time and learn adapt my vlog. I don't know how works Subtitles
add into my video.. Anyone who can help me out?
I'll be very happy listening your comments.

Hello, I'm Terri Watts and Canadian here.
Want to tell you 'bout my life but prefer later! Okay....
Issue 'bout my baby born.
I was transfered another room and spend time w/my new baby boy. Somehow Nurse Mentor came into my room and gave me the booklet. I read booklet "Can your baby hear?"
Will explain you later next vlog. Ok.
Here's my first video.. (Digital Camera)**Forgive me, bit dark** Learned my lesson next time bright light and better viewing.. I'll promise you!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thinking plan.....

Hello Everyone,

I hasn't been here blog pretty little long time ages because I've been sick constantly due pregnant.
Until finally I got a baby boy... Baby born on Nov 16th 2007 and weighted 7lbs and 8oz. Name him "Logan Huron Murray Watts"
Amazing son!

Few weeks ago, I took my son and seeing my family doctor.. as regular baby's health checking up. Amazing my son's weight whopping 2lbs gainned. His weighted 9lbs and 2oz. Wow that huge whopping lbs. Quite good weight!

Anyway, I've been thinking 'bout my plan and will have new vlog incoming up..
Keep eye on my vlog incoming up soon.

Another thing, My birthday is today... (sigh) I just turned 39 yrs old now..