Monday, August 6, 2007

My InternetFriends... July 6 to 8th

My Internet Friends..
(Taken pictures by my friend's)
Which I do not have my own camera...

Angela, Terri (me), Pam, Michelle, Cheri and Angela

David(My hubby), Dan, Angela, Chrissy and Michelle

Michelle, Angela, Lisa, and Missy

Will continue update little more pictures.. :)

My Internet Friend's wedding: July 7 2007

My Internet Friend's Wedding
July 7 2007

This is fabulous wedding because perfect weather nice warm breezing, mist sun rayed and beautiful sky blue turn it out Amazing day! I never forget this best moments every minutes. I wish I could re-runs seeing them wedding again! They are amazing went well wedding bells, Take photo wedding groom and bride includes groom-men and Bridemaids.
Quite everyone were amazing looks beautiful color oasis shade of bridemaids and groom-men. This photo is perfect looks. I hope they would frame it up the wall and have great memories!
And also I would love to spend time staying along w/other Deaf members who used to be hang around who attend their wedding. Best memories ever I had spend time along w/ Deaf Friends rest of a week and wknd too.
My best friend is Cheri. (See Below picture *Bridemaid*)

Pam and Cheri are twins!

However, When Everyone went to Cedar Point and having great blast time.
Yeah, I admit I rode on the scooter but pretty awkward driving ride!

Reason, I cannot take long walk around the huge Cedar point because tend easily tired fast and pacing sitting around the seats.. Not worth! Only the way best ticket for me to use scooter as much more faster tag along w/Deaf Friends.

Other thing Amazing the picture rest of all Deaf Buddies. (see below)

Front row: 1:Brad's daughter, Cheri's son Jordon, Pam, Brad and Brad's daughter.
Second Row: Missy, Terri, Kim, Angela and Angela's daughter Jacey.
Third Row: Diane's Son, Diane, Jen, Angela, Chrissy, Dan, David, Sue, Michelle, Jannie, Tom, Cheri, and Kenya.

Wha..a..great blast time rest of all day!
My husband and I are still continue coming seeing them again.....within next year.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sorry.... No time fill in update...

Truly Sorry.... reason I hasn't come my blog few wks due my tiredness becz of preggy.
I hope one day and will right time to fill in the update on my blog.. okay..

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My belly....

My preggy is 21 weeks of term.
I've been little gainned the weight and tired constantly and take a nap during the afternoon.
I'm pretty enjoy having preggy but sometimes feel uncomfortable during sleep peak because tends to go restroom heavy trip.
I'll make new story about my bluesy friend who had recently married dated was 07-07-07 and also closest my bluesy best friend plus rest of bluesy friendship around the circle. Next new blog..
Be patience and wait til announcement real soon.
Bear w/me!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New 2 Litter arrival this early morning!

Around 1230am, Rogue got first litter and female. She has dark brindle and white. Three hours later, got another second litter and male. He has dark brindle and white.
Waited wait til nothing come out..

She is very first time have her own birthing two litter today. Wha..a... Amazing!
I proud her Rogue!

She used have c-section her past years ago which it's 3rd times.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good Bye to KIA and Welcome to Pontiac

We went to Car Dealer and spotted nice Pontiac Montana 2006.
So we were discussed about Trade In and agreed the value cost related our KIA and seems great well.. So we applied and 1 hour later and got approval. We are very happy and have our new car. We will pick Pontiac Montana up this friday morning to Afternoon between hours. Pretty quite exciting and have our new car.. (chuckles) but sort of looks alike suv or minivan but not sure extact. We have to say good bye to KIA Sportage 4x4 2001 and use those suv for 3 years
because no space room for 4th child in my suv and time to change new bigger extra expand space. So We are pleasant w/this new car. Lovely looks..
Here's picture..

Ready pick this car up this friday June 22nd 2007.
Pretty exciting eh?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Extreme Busy rest of wk and wknd too..

Hello Everyone,

I hasn't been on line since extreme busy hang around sort it out things. Due focusing on Wedding Crafts rest of wk but almost finish do my work before incoming up their wedding near time!

Guess What, I wasn't expecting my british bulldog (Rogue) got pregnant. I didn't breed her but believe Bruiser did done w/her "Great Bed" themselves. I cannot image that how can Both handle themselves because of heaviest weight and cannot have great bed! I've used to have breeding her from Bruiser's sperm. I'm very surprised Rogue really pregnant but don't know when her due, bye the way, I have to keep eye on her in case if Rogue is on her contraction.. Rogue will take a vet and have c-section to birthing litter.

Recent wknd, My family went to East Park (London,Ontario) for Water Fun, Go Karts, Batting, Golfing, Mini-Golfing, and much more... which my husband's work Formet hosting and have them free admission which his company paid for.. We were great time and little exhausted from sun ray'ed on us.. My husband had to hurry and get back home then dress up his work clothes on and ready for work 7pm (on call emergency) He have to go work for "Overtime". My kids already went bed early 930pm because so tired and went fall sleep quick.. Finally I'm so relaxing while watching the t.v. but still felt so tired and decide gone bed early 11pm.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Recent last wknd, My little son and I went to Campbellford, Ontario.
To see the url:
See the follow Star. That where we are staying there for wknd..
We were staying w/my best friend Hallie and her boyfriend's trailer. We had great time and enjoyed it lot pretty good. Out there so beautiful landscape and surroundings too.
St Thomas to Campbellford, takes 5 hours drive.
Yesterday, My son and I went to see stop by my sister/Bro's place and little while chatting.. then went over to see my birth mom's place and having a great chat. Long time to see her. I'm very happy to see her again. We left from Toronto, Ontairo and drive to heading back to home (St Thomas) took me 2 1/2 hours. Finally arrived at last before 10pm.
I'm little exhausted and little checking emails and chatting on line... then went bed 1130pm.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

So far...

My preggy is 14 wks and 2 days. It's 2nd Trimster! I'm nothing new and still ongoing morning sickness.. *groaning*

Few days ago, I did additional bring it back two items into because my rights not their business! It's my outside personal not involve relate to other forums or else..

Monday, May 14, 2007

My preggy term..

My preggy term is 12 weeks and 4 days which it's 1st trimester..
Just feeling still same morning sickness.
Rest of Afternoon, I felt so good and relaxation but ache my lower back nothing new.
Sometimes I feel unwanted do things around other chores reason avoid heavy things and
simple light chores.
I have not gone a nap rest of a day because kept me busy things around.
My belly is getting little bigger looks alike 4 months but not.. (chuckles)
Today, My little son and I went to food shopping and little buy some
of foods what we need.

Rest of my day is okay but sometime feel boring..

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My heck days...

My heck Days....

When I woke up this morning and *groan* really killing ache my lower back. I have no idea why I sleep wrong way or what? Making me figured it.. My husband think that my lower back is aching due pregnant is getting growing. Oh well.. I'll be fine and survivor. *Chuckles*

Morning Sickness: Still ongoing not going stop.. *groan* I'm expecting should be finished by now but not.. *mumbling* I have to patience w/this through weeks. One day I hope will come no longer morning sickness.

Searching Flight: Couldn't find reasonable the price for First Class and want find lower the price than 1k over.. Prefer 700's to less reason reasonable the price perfect for us have vacation in Florida this fall. We aren't going give up and searching the Flight fare reasonable. Let's hope one day will come perfect the price reasonable and will grab it!

I just keep my mind ease off other things around and focus the wedding crafts and must be finish real soon sometime this month or next month. I'm hoping everything will come settled finished do my chores wedding crafts. Isn't for my wedding which it's for my bluesy friend who will get married this summer.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Jannie and I went to Port Stanley and to see view the beach and around the corner.. Quite boring out there but great for Jannie get know more about there. Within 20 minutes away from my hometown. Isn't bad eh. Weather is quite okay which rain have not dropped yet because half cloud and sunny too.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

News to tell...

FYI, I'm pregnant and within 9 weeks now. Last week, I went to the ultra sound and seeing so tiny baby inside of me and took picture. My husband and I are willing start over again and have 4th baby is on the way another 7 months to go. We are still on stand and attend Deaf Cruise reason why we wanted have our challenge face on the Deaf Cruise because I'm pregnant. So why not? My teenagers are thrilled to hear my news but doesn't want look forward hear baby's sound cries during the night time. Reason They want have good sleep through all the night.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Ear Infection

Ear Infection

When I was sleeping this morning and woke up because my daughter poking me. "Mommy, I'm pain and couldn't stand ear!" I say okay, as long you can stay bed and rest then I feel sleep again but couldn't sleep at all. So I made decision and have to get up and prepare the light breakfast and coffee. I went downstair basement and where my computer at office. *Checking the emails and surfing website too* My daughter came into my computer office and blew my face. She's really angrily and couldn't stand pain her ear really killing her. Shows me her behavouir laid down on the floor and banging... *Screaming* Geee, In my mind, Oh brother, I'm still in sick but have to patience and no choice have to go Emergency Drug Store and to buy ear infection drops and medcation. I was stormed and rushed drove way to the drug store and buy it quicker. Applied her ear infection dropped into her ear and medcation. Hopefully help her calm down but isn't working she kept complain and screaming at me. *groan*
I'm getting headache.... (chuckles)

Saturday, March 31, 2007



Thursday March 29th 2007, We went to the court and about the Case Conference. Turn it out uglier because Judge surprised about our Charter Rights section 7 to 15 due agency lack of respecting our rights. The agency were awful lot broke violation our rights. My lawyer is pretty good job and making points it out. Judge want arrangement post pone due long haul discuss "arguing against the Agency"which we have facts evidence against the agency. We'll keep until the next court within on May 23rd 2007. They agency really dislike it. Too bad and get tough!

If not working it out "Case Conference" will move to the trail and make a call to "A.G. Gov't lawyer" recognize and to come down to have re-looked our case.. Will move to higher the court. (Wait and see find it out further) We are patience and through ordeal long haul fight the court til our goal the case must move to higher the court... Make it so lawsuit against the agency. We are not going giving up!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wha..a... heck my day?

Dry Throat

When I woke up this morning and caught bad coughing and tried spitting out of clot inside down my throat..
Damn hurts! I ain't comfy while sleep through the overnights due dry.. I believe possible it's Hay Fever returns or Virus airborne either way.

I have to patience w/this stupid Dry Throat and hoping Coffee could kill my dry throat but isn't working, because can feel inside down my throat alike "hair ball". Drove me nuts every minute and tried force myself cough but isn't working. *Mumbling*

My husband came into my bedroom and guess what the Deaf Guy who was murdered his name Brian Wainman by two teenagers. Two Teenagers were pleasuring and stabbing and beating him up awful lot. My husband was stated that was newspaper. Geez, Why two teenagers are full of stupid and being pleasuring beating and stabbing him up?
Newspaper source:

Really awful news hearing about this details.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Daughter was dated year of 2004 to 2006

Year of 2004 to 2006 overall Family's photos

This is my little son and was dated 2005 to 2006

Shopping Spree....


While I'm driving on the road and got alert paged which it's emergency due family matters. I have no choice and drove around the another side direction. Everything went okay but.. actually NOT OKAY!

Anyway, I went over to my hubby's friend's place and ask use your printer reason just simple doucement about flight time and date blab blah every the details. So anyway, Stop by at the Bulk Foods store and to buy Onion Soup, Maccorni Cheese powder, and crotons (cesear salad) and drove around another store, Office supplies and to buy Paper printer, 2 different ink of printer black and colors. I drove around another place store, Wal-Fart and to see the price of XBOX360 reasonable price but there's no membership card in it there.. Not worth to buy it. Decide to go another store called "Super Store and already made decision to buy xBox360 included Ghost Reckon and Silver membership card cost me 459.68 dollars which it's bargin the sale. *sigh* Last Resort I went over to the Elgin Mall and to buy two belts, 5 skeleton girly socks and hat. Finally I arrive sweet home sweet... Ache my feets... *chuckles*

Keep me busy all the day and took me 2 hours and 15 minutes errands things do...
Left from my home 1130am... Arrive home 215pm

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's fucking snowing..

It's fucking snowing here again..

See Pumpkin's face.. How am I feel exactly........>
When I get up this morning and came downstair and can see distance look out the window. (Groan), Why fucking snowing here again? This is supposed be Spring time but why snow is returned? Weather may impossible screwed up the global warming or mother nature? What do your mind about this ?

I'm getting there and tired bring winter stuffs back and put on the shelf on coat closet. Sick of it!
Another whine.... I'm talking myself and mumbling toward the heater turn it bit increase in case kept this house warm and longer until 100% weather is back normal stable for a week because tired of roller coaster heating deceasing and increase forth! Ugh! Drove me nuts and climb up the wall too. Pretty huge frustration here! *mumbling* but, I'm not really bitchy mode on yet.. Just sort of frustration!
Doesn't want to wear winter coat again.. *sigh* ((Patience hell wear winter coast again)) *mumbling*
I do not mind at all as long keep me warm everyday.

And also will have things around errands...
Paying the stupid bills and others... As long I have to drive careful due weather really extreme heavy thick snowing but not really storm..

Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 11 to 18th 2007 *March Break is over today*

Finally at last, March break is over today.... *woooot*
I'm look forward my babies going back school by tomorrow.. I'll be snoopy dance!
*chuckles* Deserved it ? BIG YES!!!!!

Big hit time today was so heck boring!

(chuckles) Funny this picture.. "Just Boring"

Wha... a heck day?
Feel get more boring... ?
Thinking about boring?
Want to sleep and dreaming about Boring?
Relaxation is boring too?
aww come on and tell me what heck yours?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grrrrrr My older son!!!

Self Clean Coil Range

When My older son asked me about late dinner. He took the French fries and Chicken burger then put into the oven. Turned to 350*F on While I just wanted to make sure everything okay when it cooking finished and let me know. I went downstair and using my computer. When My older son came down the stair and see me. He tell me about the oven stuck and can't open it. Likely My gosh, Making me grow bitchy. I came upstair and straight to the kitchen. Likely Whoa.. What hell he doing!! He said, STUCK and cannot open stupid oven! Looked the self clean locked. I tries to open it but couldn't. So My son trying open it but couldn't and decide to find knife and to open the lock but not work. Alternative way is.. you know of screw + marked on it.. he using knife and try open the screw out, finally one open it out.. But I couldn't stand it watch.. Making me bitchy him more more.... I walk away from the kitchen and.... (Mike) older son- when my mom left i found out she bent the shit outta the lock thingy so i bent it back and undid the lock... moms not that smart!
Ugh Michael say that! *mumbling*
I saw him brought the late dinner and grabbed his little food out of his plate.. (chuckles). That was last night!


Out of Control....

Yesterday, alldeaf some of members who came and chatter via webcam at
Went of out of control and laughing so hard quite fun chatters!
One one of them is the clown... Guess who!!! It's CrazyM0mma is the best Clown on webcam because out of control. (Laughing) She should have Clown Award trophy! Pretty quite, I'm getting know them as well because who they are coming from AD some member who were there yesterday.


Rest of my bluesy cyber-friends were on the webcam line and having great time.
Laugh, Joking, Sad, and so many different subjects are overall quite great!
But.... I'm concern if am I yak yak awful lot.. maybe whoever might fall sleep.

Let's hope not if am I talking too much?
Last nite, went so late hours and having great time.
I went bed at 1am and want have long good sleep and avoid baggy eyes.. LOL

Monday, March 12, 2007

Feel comfy privacy? **MEN**

Very Good privacy...
If your vacation and hard time to find restroom. Will you have no choice use this restroom? Can you handle this??
Are you DARE?


Seems okay.....

I was using webcam again and to see if and beautiful smooth well. Actually Yes but.. tired of reboot becuase of webcam senstive.
I knew it that was webcam side effect pretty crappy. So One day, I will buy brand new webcam real soon within next wk but can't this week because kids are holiday March Break week. That driving me nuts! LOL

I'd rather without kids around.. (chuckles) while going shopping! Which the best! My reason Kids tends poking me, I want something to buy.. I told them NO! Wait til your allowance. They are complain. I gave it up the shopping and went back.. Wasting my timing due KIDS! ugh.. TEENAGERS!


Yesterday, I had great time chatting w/bluesy friends around webcam and pretty quite usually fine.. includes AIM chat room too.. LOL
I'm praying that I'm not pyscho cuckoo... Wait and see Bluesy friends will respond me.. *cross finger*
I'm glad, I did helped with One person who have problem the computer which it's related the webcam caused it. Found the solved by error code helps it lot and get webcam's driver and went smooth their computer. Which it's great news!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Heck Frustrated!!!


Today, I've searched the website and trying to find the webcam chat group.
Until few hours later, finally found 4 different website about webcam chat group but have not decide which one the best.

Last Night, I'm very pissy off big time because of stupid stickam webcam and caused it bad really big time mess up the computer went nuts! I've been several times the reboot likely 5 times. Making me hell BITCHY and pissy big time!

By the way, I'm glad and found some 4 different website urls and wait and see find it out further details.....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

March Break....



Beware of BITCHY... anything she want pest you 24/7..
Tend to Steal remote control and hogging watch t.v. all day or evening.
Sometimes She loves outgoing and hang around her friends.
Mostly She want agruing w/me or my hubby until gave it up.. *sheesh*
Tend complain and whine about want use my computer.. *mumbling*
Let's pray she'll behave nicely.. *cross finger* (chuckles)

Loves to bugging his sister or brother for attention.
He's really MONSTER NIGHT... pig eater the foods!
Loves an excuses so many different subject..
Kept say "I did not" (rolls my eyes up)
He doesn't mind help chores and clean up everything and all want $$$ for allowance!
Let's hope he'll behave during March Break!

We are hoping rest of my children will behaved this march break week...
*cross finger*

Let's stick yellow notepad on your forehead *REMINDER*


MARCH 11th 2007

Tired of changing every where the clocks within an hour forward!!!!
I feel alike....
If I want to.....
Tired of changing the clock arm wise and one hour forward and backward within 2x a year. *mumbling*
Sometimes I forgot change the clock and caused my children goes to school late or early. Exact as same thing with my husband arrive his work so late. They laughed at him, guess what you're forgot change the clock within an hour. Feel humiliated!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Wha... am I doing rest of all day!

Food Shopping: I went to SuperStore and buying JUNK FOODS reason My children are holiday for March Break... *mumbling* My Kids request that. So I will not have to cooking rest of a march break. Finally I'm vacation break and no cooking. Let kids can handle themselves and have cook their own junk foods.
JUNK FOODS: French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Burger, Burger, Chicken Balls, Macorni (Krafty Dinner), Hot Dogs and Snacks.

I will not eat like this junk foods rest of a week.. Forget it.. My hubby and I will have alternative another health foods.

Aquarium Fish Store: My older son and I went into Aquarium Fish Store and to buy sucking fish (like this picture) Reason to help clean the tank and prevent dirty water.

Cost 4.55 dollars isn't bad price which it's still cheap!

My simple Dinner: Roast Beef w/Color Peppers and Onions Sandwich..


Don't Drool this food but too late! I ate whole Roast Beef Sandwich.. *chuckles*


When I was rushed and fast pull my pant down and sat down the toilet.. * stunned surprised* Where fucking toilet paper go?
I was *shouting hell bitchy* WHERE FUCKING TOILET PAPER?" My older son came and laughed at me... Sorry, I took it. I feel alike slap his face but Damn him. I asked him, please get another toilet paper. I waited for 5 minutes.. Damn hurt my butt stayed too long sitting the toilet... fawk!

Finally He came and gave me the toilet paper!
*mumbling* !#%$#%#$^^



I'm pretty quite angry and fusterated because of stupid my hubby's friend's truck "Nissan
pick truck up" because FUCKING SEAT BELT have limit and hard time to move down but kept me STILL AND STUCK.. I couldn't move anything where can I fucking reach the purse on the truck floor.. #%$%^#!$%$#^ I was so angry at my hubby's friend, Why you buy this STUPID truck ? Why can't Nissan company doesn't know how properly fix for large people seat who can wear seat belt.. I believe Nissan company have discrimination about people' large sizes.. Suitable for Thin peoples can seat on the passagers only... wtf? I feel alike come down the Nissan Company and PUNCH their face!

I cannot wait my KIA sportage 4x4 and to hear the fucking result estimate the price... *mumbling* I fed up and hardy can't stand ride their vehicles because too much reliable.. Dislike it.. I really want have my suv back and normal again reason anytime I can drive anywhere in case have errands. By the way, I have to go out of town again... (psssst) I gonna ride his truck again... I will bitchy increase higher..... you'll enjoy my story this evening..
La la...

Thursday, March 8, 2007



Yes, I do feel that way this hours and ongoing boring!!!
Over again, Read the fourm and still same result..
Out there have no thrills news!?!?!?
Wha.. heck ? Where spice up ???
But answer....
Still same result!!!!
Oh Darn!

Are Fat Chicks Allowed on in Winter?

Are Fat Chicks Allowed on in Winter?

Am I allowed?


Yesterday, I create....



What the answer?


Excellence Choice!
FACTS: TRUTH!!!!!!!!
Reason My bluesy true friends are shared each together, Laughs, Sad, cry, and much more and always be there all the times.

I do agree w/her 110%

Whoever you're making me feel good..
Don't Stop talking about me.. Keep stay continue!
I'm enjoy hearing about you talking shit, your making me famous!


If I were you caught into the trouble.. I'll be very happy join w/ you...
Yeah, I will be sitting next to you... "Damn! We fucked up!"

Lovely comment!