Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My heck days...

My heck Days....

When I woke up this morning and *groan* really killing ache my lower back. I have no idea why I sleep wrong way or what? Making me figured it.. My husband think that my lower back is aching due pregnant is getting growing. Oh well.. I'll be fine and survivor. *Chuckles*

Morning Sickness: Still ongoing not going stop.. *groan* I'm expecting should be finished by now but not.. *mumbling* I have to patience w/this through weeks. One day I hope will come no longer morning sickness.

Searching Flight: Couldn't find reasonable the price for First Class and want find lower the price than 1k over.. Prefer 700's to less reason reasonable the price perfect for us have vacation in Florida this fall. We aren't going give up and searching the Flight fare reasonable. Let's hope one day will come perfect the price reasonable and will grab it!

I just keep my mind ease off other things around and focus the wedding crafts and must be finish real soon sometime this month or next month. I'm hoping everything will come settled finished do my chores wedding crafts. Isn't for my wedding which it's for my bluesy friend who will get married this summer.