Monday, June 4, 2007


Recent last wknd, My little son and I went to Campbellford, Ontario.
To see the url:
See the follow Star. That where we are staying there for wknd..
We were staying w/my best friend Hallie and her boyfriend's trailer. We had great time and enjoyed it lot pretty good. Out there so beautiful landscape and surroundings too.
St Thomas to Campbellford, takes 5 hours drive.
Yesterday, My son and I went to see stop by my sister/Bro's place and little while chatting.. then went over to see my birth mom's place and having a great chat. Long time to see her. I'm very happy to see her again. We left from Toronto, Ontairo and drive to heading back to home (St Thomas) took me 2 1/2 hours. Finally arrived at last before 10pm.
I'm little exhausted and little checking emails and chatting on line... then went bed 1130pm.