Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grrrrrr My older son!!!

Self Clean Coil Range

When My older son asked me about late dinner. He took the French fries and Chicken burger then put into the oven. Turned to 350*F on While I just wanted to make sure everything okay when it cooking finished and let me know. I went downstair and using my computer. When My older son came down the stair and see me. He tell me about the oven stuck and can't open it. Likely My gosh, Making me grow bitchy. I came upstair and straight to the kitchen. Likely Whoa.. What hell he doing!! He said, STUCK and cannot open stupid oven! Looked the self clean locked. I tries to open it but couldn't. So My son trying open it but couldn't and decide to find knife and to open the lock but not work. Alternative way is.. you know of screw + marked on it.. he using knife and try open the screw out, finally one open it out.. But I couldn't stand it watch.. Making me bitchy him more more.... I walk away from the kitchen and.... (Mike) older son- when my mom left i found out she bent the shit outta the lock thingy so i bent it back and undid the lock... moms not that smart!
Ugh Michael say that! *mumbling*
I saw him brought the late dinner and grabbed his little food out of his plate.. (chuckles). That was last night!


Out of Control....

Yesterday, alldeaf some of members who came and chatter via webcam at
Went of out of control and laughing so hard quite fun chatters!
One one of them is the clown... Guess who!!! It's CrazyM0mma is the best Clown on webcam because out of control. (Laughing) She should have Clown Award trophy! Pretty quite, I'm getting know them as well because who they are coming from AD some member who were there yesterday.


Rest of my bluesy cyber-friends were on the webcam line and having great time.
Laugh, Joking, Sad, and so many different subjects are overall quite great!
But.... I'm concern if am I yak yak awful lot.. maybe whoever might fall sleep.

Let's hope not if am I talking too much?
Last nite, went so late hours and having great time.
I went bed at 1am and want have long good sleep and avoid baggy eyes.. LOL

Monday, March 12, 2007

Feel comfy privacy? **MEN**

Very Good privacy...
If your vacation and hard time to find restroom. Will you have no choice use this restroom? Can you handle this??
Are you DARE?


Seems okay.....

I was using webcam again and to see if and beautiful smooth well. Actually Yes but.. tired of reboot becuase of webcam senstive.
I knew it that was webcam side effect pretty crappy. So One day, I will buy brand new webcam real soon within next wk but can't this week because kids are holiday March Break week. That driving me nuts! LOL

I'd rather without kids around.. (chuckles) while going shopping! Which the best! My reason Kids tends poking me, I want something to buy.. I told them NO! Wait til your allowance. They are complain. I gave it up the shopping and went back.. Wasting my timing due KIDS! ugh.. TEENAGERS!


Yesterday, I had great time chatting w/bluesy friends around webcam and pretty quite usually fine.. includes AIM chat room too.. LOL
I'm praying that I'm not pyscho cuckoo... Wait and see Bluesy friends will respond me.. *cross finger*
I'm glad, I did helped with One person who have problem the computer which it's related the webcam caused it. Found the solved by error code helps it lot and get webcam's driver and went smooth their computer. Which it's great news!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Heck Frustrated!!!


Today, I've searched the website and trying to find the webcam chat group.
Until few hours later, finally found 4 different website about webcam chat group but have not decide which one the best.

Last Night, I'm very pissy off big time because of stupid stickam webcam and caused it bad really big time mess up the computer went nuts! I've been several times the reboot likely 5 times. Making me hell BITCHY and pissy big time!

By the way, I'm glad and found some 4 different website urls and wait and see find it out further details.....