Sunday, June 21, 2009

VBlog Symposium is last minute notice!

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I'm here to talk about vblog symposium. Truly how am I disappointment with you because you didn't announcement about vblog symposium long ago. Why this really short notice within incoming events...

Seems you not willing spread the words every where or posting their website for events incoming up etc...

I had learned this news from yesterday which one of my friend who posting on their facebook. I'm shocked this biggest events which it's great benefits for me but too short notice advertisement which is not good enough!

**Edit forgot add more my statements details more**
Few of Vloggers who created about this topic VBlog Symposium was dated May 25, June 6th 2009.. There's not good enough because too short notice because other vbloggers whoever will not able to get airfare last minute notice may lead to high the pricing. VBloggers who are interested to come but no way to have their timing conflict.

If I were you.. I willing up to challenge with you because ahead within 6 months before planner set up and arrangement as teamwork together.. I'm not here to divide Deaf peoples.. I do not allow you tolerance limit of divide which Deaf are same like you everyone as human beings. I will dare set up arrangement earlier than 6 mos advance planning everything and advertisement spread to words and put posting the side of bar logo "events incoming up". Everyone will curious and try click that button of Events incoming up. Whoever will happy arrangement their plans early ahead of time and to goal saving their money to fly/hotel expense. Happy Meeting VBloggers There!
Think about it yourself..
How come you didn't come forward talk w/me who did create this issued?
Why you create too short notice within 3.5 weeks near the event incoming?