Monday, August 6, 2007

My InternetFriends... July 6 to 8th

My Internet Friends..
(Taken pictures by my friend's)
Which I do not have my own camera...

Angela, Terri (me), Pam, Michelle, Cheri and Angela

David(My hubby), Dan, Angela, Chrissy and Michelle

Michelle, Angela, Lisa, and Missy

Will continue update little more pictures.. :)

My Internet Friend's wedding: July 7 2007

My Internet Friend's Wedding
July 7 2007

This is fabulous wedding because perfect weather nice warm breezing, mist sun rayed and beautiful sky blue turn it out Amazing day! I never forget this best moments every minutes. I wish I could re-runs seeing them wedding again! They are amazing went well wedding bells, Take photo wedding groom and bride includes groom-men and Bridemaids.
Quite everyone were amazing looks beautiful color oasis shade of bridemaids and groom-men. This photo is perfect looks. I hope they would frame it up the wall and have great memories!
And also I would love to spend time staying along w/other Deaf members who used to be hang around who attend their wedding. Best memories ever I had spend time along w/ Deaf Friends rest of a week and wknd too.
My best friend is Cheri. (See Below picture *Bridemaid*)

Pam and Cheri are twins!

However, When Everyone went to Cedar Point and having great blast time.
Yeah, I admit I rode on the scooter but pretty awkward driving ride!

Reason, I cannot take long walk around the huge Cedar point because tend easily tired fast and pacing sitting around the seats.. Not worth! Only the way best ticket for me to use scooter as much more faster tag along w/Deaf Friends.

Other thing Amazing the picture rest of all Deaf Buddies. (see below)

Front row: 1:Brad's daughter, Cheri's son Jordon, Pam, Brad and Brad's daughter.
Second Row: Missy, Terri, Kim, Angela and Angela's daughter Jacey.
Third Row: Diane's Son, Diane, Jen, Angela, Chrissy, Dan, David, Sue, Michelle, Jannie, Tom, Cheri, and Kenya.

Wha..a..great blast time rest of all day!
My husband and I are still continue coming seeing them again.....within next year.