Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My bad lumbar back..

(isn't same my statement comment from video as below)
Almost 3 weeks and half alikely near a month, which I have accident for no reason. When I was try lifting my infant son up somehow caused my lumbar back came pain hell alot. I tries to figure it out why caused it. I'm ongoing attend massage and chiropractor therapy non stop every other day. So Far seems Improved my lumbar back healing but still pain ongoing for example when I'm sitting on the chair and takes me 10 minutes later will coming back pain hell lot so cannot handle stay longer than 10 minutes and have to go back on my sofa bed and lay down for my resting long hours.. Isn't fun for me like that.

I do miss coming and visit on vloggers under DeafRead and Deafvideo.t.v and also other forums too. Since I have not use my computer pretty awful long due my bad lumbar back. (pretty sux) By the way, Least I can come use my computer only limit use within 10 minutes.

That's all so far. Hopefully one day, My lumbar back get back normal life again soon.
(sigh) *Break my breath carried away*

Take Care all of you guys. (hugs)

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Deb Ann said...

I hope you'll get well really soon and your back will be normal in a short time.