Monday, May 12, 2008

Misbelief and Naughty Girl at Deaf School

When I was teenager and Misbelief plus naughty girl too.

1. I loved Revenge all Deaf Students. Yeah, I'm admit, I'm naughty girl!
2. I was hang around w/my best friend and went hitch hiker then went to see my sweetheart's place. I got bad conquestion and end up grounded for 2 wks but extra another grounded 2 weeks more.. (mumbling)
By the way, I never forget about my best past moments when I was teenager time.


Misha said...

OMG!!!! Your story is too funny!!!!

Yes, I've been caught by our school's houseparents all the time. I've been very mischeivous as well as naughty. You can view my old vlog about my experience at my oral deaf school.

Misha :D

Seek Geo said...

Hi Terri!

Haha.. Youuuuuu baddddd girl!!! Turn around and bend over, you deserve some spanking, my girl!! He he.. well ok so I did some bad things at deaf school a few times also.

I suppose I'd share one of stories with you, to make it short. A friend of mine and I were so bored at dorm.. I mean seriously bored! So, what we decided to sneak out of our window in our dorm room and we walked around to check out several buildings on the campus.

We found one of school buildings that had one of windows opened so we got in and there were desks, etc everywhere in the office and what we did, we decided to switch paperwork, computers, etc of all desks, LMAO!!

That was so hilarious. We always wonder how they have reacted next morning! *grins* Believe it or not, we did it like 3 times before finally we get caught! Long story but you get the idea.

Gotta love these good ol' memories!!


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