Sunday, July 13, 2008 talk about Iphone *click the icon* If you're Canadian and please sign the petition.

We had over 60,000 people fill out our petition to bring down the prices of the data plan on the Apple iPhone 3G offered by Rogers.


The petition helped but now we need power to make the real difference. Americans have a choice and have fair cellular voice and data plans and now its time for Canadians to stand up and demand fair cellular pricing.

The only way to have power to make change is in the number of people willing to fight for their rights. They know we need our phones. That gives them power. We need to get more than a petition going. We need to get a list of people together that is big enough that we can demand fair voice and data plans.

I'm quite disappointment with Rogers Company which kept stubborn high price rates of data and others by the way I kept continue fight for that and not going giving up!

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