Thursday, August 14, 2008

DeafHood Recoglize?

DeafHood have identify yourself truly meaning to you?
Relate the topic about School raised where you was placed at....?
Welcome debate topic your pov as such con and pro. Disagree debate always welcomed. Important Education feedback together would be greater appreciated.

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Heather said...

Hi there... Nice tan you got. :-)

I have always felt that way. I grew up in oral school for deaf chidren in Pittsburgh, PA. I was taught to use oral communication. I first learned to use PSE and little in ASL and trying to join to the deaf club and learn about their deaf culture. When I was first introduced, everyone was interesting in me, and the next hours, they backed away from because I am not able to communicate with them as they thought I would. I gave up and went to my world with hearing. Until I found the Deaf Chat and Deaf forums, I started to learn more about their cultures and how to get involve with them. I guess, my experiences with them doesn't fit with them anymore.
I really would like to know if anyone would come and help me out to get involve and feel comfortable with the deaf person, the way deaf people can help me and teach me. I guess, it probably will never happen to me.