Friday, April 6, 2007

Ear Infection

Ear Infection

When I was sleeping this morning and woke up because my daughter poking me. "Mommy, I'm pain and couldn't stand ear!" I say okay, as long you can stay bed and rest then I feel sleep again but couldn't sleep at all. So I made decision and have to get up and prepare the light breakfast and coffee. I went downstair basement and where my computer at office. *Checking the emails and surfing website too* My daughter came into my computer office and blew my face. She's really angrily and couldn't stand pain her ear really killing her. Shows me her behavouir laid down on the floor and banging... *Screaming* Geee, In my mind, Oh brother, I'm still in sick but have to patience and no choice have to go Emergency Drug Store and to buy ear infection drops and medcation. I was stormed and rushed drove way to the drug store and buy it quicker. Applied her ear infection dropped into her ear and medcation. Hopefully help her calm down but isn't working she kept complain and screaming at me. *groan*
I'm getting headache.... (chuckles)

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ColaColaCoke said...

OUCH or OUCHLESS? think about a cleaning swap cord or can stick thru your ear to end to end so HELLO anyways,,, ask your family doctor to ask for some info,, it will helpful,, SMILE .. trust in GOD