Wednesday, April 18, 2007

News to tell...

FYI, I'm pregnant and within 9 weeks now. Last week, I went to the ultra sound and seeing so tiny baby inside of me and took picture. My husband and I are willing start over again and have 4th baby is on the way another 7 months to go. We are still on stand and attend Deaf Cruise reason why we wanted have our challenge face on the Deaf Cruise because I'm pregnant. So why not? My teenagers are thrilled to hear my news but doesn't want look forward hear baby's sound cries during the night time. Reason They want have good sleep through all the night.


~Rachel~ said...

Aww that's wonderful news to know your expecting a surprise baby.

Take it easy and you will be fine!!


Cheri said...

I know you are pretty exite.. Wish you the best during your pregnancy. :o)