Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good Bye to KIA and Welcome to Pontiac

We went to Car Dealer and spotted nice Pontiac Montana 2006.
So we were discussed about Trade In and agreed the value cost related our KIA and seems great well.. So we applied and 1 hour later and got approval. We are very happy and have our new car. We will pick Pontiac Montana up this friday morning to Afternoon between hours. Pretty quite exciting and have our new car.. (chuckles) but sort of looks alike suv or minivan but not sure extact. We have to say good bye to KIA Sportage 4x4 2001 and use those suv for 3 years
because no space room for 4th child in my suv and time to change new bigger extra expand space. So We are pleasant w/this new car. Lovely looks..
Here's picture..

Ready pick this car up this friday June 22nd 2007.
Pretty exciting eh?


Deaf Monkey said...

OOOOO Can't wait to see your new mini van something next week yayaya .. it does look FANCY!!!! lol haha just kidding but it does look GOOD!!! .. Glad I did was in your old suv car for last one for me haha lol now bye bye your old suv KIA! lol :-D

CrazyMomma said...

Congrats!!! I guess I will have to buy a custom-made license plate for your front van that say "Teri's Bus", hehehe.. The van looks really NICE... If I was going to have many kids, I would get a van like yours.


GalaxyAngelz said...

Thanks both of you guys...