Sunday, June 24, 2007

New 2 Litter arrival this early morning!

Around 1230am, Rogue got first litter and female. She has dark brindle and white. Three hours later, got another second litter and male. He has dark brindle and white.
Waited wait til nothing come out..

She is very first time have her own birthing two litter today. Wha..a... Amazing!
I proud her Rogue!

She used have c-section her past years ago which it's 3rd times.


CrazyMomma said...

Whooo Whooo Congrats Grammie!! I am sure the puppies are cute!!

Deaf Monkey said...

Oh, Yeah saw 2 puppies which it was sooo cute!!!! to see it awwww what a so adorable ! :o)