Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 11 to 18th 2007 *March Break is over today*

Finally at last, March break is over today.... *woooot*
I'm look forward my babies going back school by tomorrow.. I'll be snoopy dance!
*chuckles* Deserved it ? BIG YES!!!!!

Big hit time today was so heck boring!

(chuckles) Funny this picture.. "Just Boring"

Wha... a heck day?
Feel get more boring... ?
Thinking about boring?
Want to sleep and dreaming about Boring?
Relaxation is boring too?
aww come on and tell me what heck yours?

1 comment:

Cheri said...

Yay!! Your kids are going back to school today, but the bad news is that my kids vacation is coming up soon in April *screams* Help Terri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!