Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thinking plan.....

Hello Everyone,

I hasn't been here blog pretty little long time ages because I've been sick constantly due pregnant.
Until finally I got a baby boy... Baby born on Nov 16th 2007 and weighted 7lbs and 8oz. Name him "Logan Huron Murray Watts"
Amazing son!

Few weeks ago, I took my son and seeing my family doctor.. as regular baby's health checking up. Amazing my son's weight whopping 2lbs gainned. His weighted 9lbs and 2oz. Wow that huge whopping lbs. Quite good weight!

Anyway, I've been thinking 'bout my plan and will have new vlog incoming up..
Keep eye on my vlog incoming up soon.

Another thing, My birthday is today... (sigh) I just turned 39 yrs old now..

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