Thursday, January 17, 2008

My very first Vlog: Jan 17 2008

My very first Vlog!

I'm very little nervous and involved first vlog today.. Give me a little time and learn adapt my vlog. I don't know how works Subtitles
add into my video.. Anyone who can help me out?
I'll be very happy listening your comments.

Hello, I'm Terri Watts and Canadian here.
Want to tell you 'bout my life but prefer later! Okay....
Issue 'bout my baby born.
I was transfered another room and spend time w/my new baby boy. Somehow Nurse Mentor came into my room and gave me the booklet. I read booklet "Can your baby hear?"
Will explain you later next vlog. Ok.
Here's my first video.. (Digital Camera)**Forgive me, bit dark** Learned my lesson next time bright light and better viewing.. I'll promise you!


Shrimpy said...

Hi Terri

Nice meet you, More welcome Vlog or Blog from DeafRead-- I am from Canada but I am former American (Mich) I am fall in love in Canada LOL... Yea I have Notice few peolpe do that . I agree with you Why not put it stuff things from CSH (not sure right spell word) and Another way make their Woke it up ! .Hope so Hear from you as soon

Peace out

Aslpride said...

Welcome to the Vloggers realm. :)

I know, I hate when hospital offer one option instead of several options. When my wife have second baby, we went to ultrasound department to check on the baby. While my wife and I waiting in lobby room. I saw a brochure that attracted my attention. The brochure focus on deafness children. It did mention that any kids who are deaf may have difficult in school. I show the brochure to my wife and I laughed. I told her that I am doing great in school and still using ASL. I also keep the brochure for evidence. :)

I will add this information in my other vlog. :)

Again, welcome!

Kim said...

Welcome to Deaf V/Blog world! is out there for us to view and post our videoclips. It's

Have fun doing the Vlogs!

mochame said...

Welcome to Deaf B/Vloggers. I can see you good on your vlog, Can you put the bright light for another vlog?
I could not believe that hospital where your baby born, You are right because they are DISCRIMINATE against DEAF BABIES and put the cochlear implants. That's not right!

GalaxyAngelz said...

Nice meet you too.
Cool, r u living in Canada.. What make you decision move in Canada from Mich?
Spell name is CHS (Canadian Hearing Society), One day, CHS will plan change title of business, but don't know when it will change.

*sigh* I know, I do not understand why they kept expose everyone and encourge everyone better ci is the best choice.. Wha..a.. joke?
Why can't they provide different option choice? Oh brother!

Thanks for bring info about Deafvideo.t.v and will look into it soon.


Yeah, Not easy!

Cherry said...

Good job!

Keep going your next vlog!!!! Smile

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Coach Creech said...

Welome to the Vloggers! Grr, I don't like the only options the hositpal offers for deaf babies' parents. ASL forever! Coach Creech

Deaf Pixie said...

Welcome to Vlogger. ; )

Whoa! One choice..

My eye popped after my hubby told me about your story on your first vlogger and we have talked about one choice. I am kind of no patient to hear your next vlog.

I know you take care your baby very well. ;)

Deaf Pixie