Monday, February 25, 2008

KODA "Christmas Relatives Party"

Issues: Confused which one Grandpa because my son really confused and thought two grandpas! When He was about 4 yrs old. Pretty funny and crack up!


Coach Creech said...


Deb Ann said...


It's sooooooo cute! Four-year-old boy was soo excited that he had two grandpas and sang a song. I bet that everyone had a best Christmas party!

Misha said...


LOL, that kinda happened to my kids as well when they were little. They got confused with my mom and her identical twin sister. Sometimes they kept screaming, "GRANDMAAAAA!!!!" when one didn't turn around. My mom rushed in and asked what's wrong. They jumped and got scared. We thought that was funny and cute. Now they know which is which BUT sometimes they get confused when my mom's and my aunt's back were turned. That happened to ME all the time. I always called out, "MOM? MAAAA? MUDDAH???" Then my mom came up behind me that made me jumped and screamed. Oh geesh....
Yeah, we have lots of twins in both of our families but my mom and my aunt are only ones who are identicals while the rest are fraternals.
As matter of fact, two years ago at my granduncle's funeral, my other granduncle couldn't tell which was my mom or my aunt. He would say, "Hello, this twin! Hello, that twin!" Or sometimes "Hey, Twin 1! Hey, Twin 2!" All of us cracked up. He kept asking me how could I tell them apart. I said by their lips. Long time ago, my brother and cousins asked how can I tell them apart since I'm deaf when they can tell them apart by their voice tones. I told them to study their lips. It took them years until they understood what I mean. LOL

Damn those twins! LOL

Misha :D