Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guess Who Birthday ??? Related to DeafRead Vloggers!

*Waving My hands everyone* Attention Guess who birthday????
It's Deaf Roger and Adrian too

Check my video short clip,


LaRonda said...
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LaRonda said...

Flirtatious birthday wish. ;) Reminded me a little of Marilyn Monroe when she sang happy birthday to President Kennedy. Ha.

~ LaRonda

Deb Ann said...


It should move to the front.

Happy Birthday to you, guys from me, too.

Cobra said...

Yea right! I forget about Adrin. Thank for inform everybody. I post vlogger for her add in deafvideo.tv wink!

DeafRoger said...

Thanks Teri! :D :D :D

I did a Vlog too.. I already planned to do it but then you beat me, so I also added you in my Vlog at the end!