Friday, January 18, 2008

2nd vlog: 1 Opitions

Sad News, Hospital's choice is the only one optional.
Really find this quite sick!
Even Doctor really want encourage people Parents who have Deaf Baby and to have cochlear implant. ONLY ONE OPTIONAL! *Wha...a.. joke?*


Deaf Pixie said...

Interesting! Canada seem similiar to USA. Somewhat I dont feel comfortable if your deaf baby raise after doctor force your baby to use CI. I agree with you..

Back off! CI bonchures seem foolished on hearing parents who did not getting more information about CI pro and negative.

Why the doctor/nurse encouraged deaf parent and force baby to get CI. I am shocked from the begninning. I think Time for all of Deaf parents to tell nurse or Doctor. I dont wishes my baby doesnt need CI. They will not force you for that.

You know more than hearing people as doctor and nurse are professional did not getting understand to improve deaf baby to became hearing as perfect. It is not working!!

Thank you for sharing and thought and educated to hearing or deaf b/vlogger.

mochame said...

I second you and deaf pixie.

Coach Creech said...

Agreed with you. Glad you sharing this to all of us. Thanks Coach Creech

David said...

Hi Terri,

I agree that your comment is correct about situations in many if not all health care systems.

We need to INCREASE more awareness (brochures, videos, DVDs, books, workshops and other resources)about ASL and Culture in health care systems (hospitals/therapy centres and other places).

I know some hospitals are not interested in sharing information about ASL with parents. We need to do something. I know it is a big job to do that.

Traditionally, hospitals tend to view d/Deaf people as clients rather than consumers or staff. We need to change that... Again it is a big job too!


JavaPride said...

HI terri thanks for posting this, i totally agree with u 100% we shld leave our children as they are, they were born for a reason. to give love not to fix them! HUGS! Javapride :)