Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Out of Control....

Yesterday, alldeaf some of members who came and chatter via webcam at
Went of out of control and laughing so hard quite fun chatters!
One one of them is the clown... Guess who!!! It's CrazyM0mma is the best Clown on webcam because out of control. (Laughing) She should have Clown Award trophy! Pretty quite, I'm getting know them as well because who they are coming from AD some member who were there yesterday.


Rest of my bluesy cyber-friends were on the webcam line and having great time.
Laugh, Joking, Sad, and so many different subjects are overall quite great!
But.... I'm concern if am I yak yak awful lot.. maybe whoever might fall sleep.

Let's hope not if am I talking too much?
Last nite, went so late hours and having great time.
I went bed at 1am and want have long good sleep and avoid baggy eyes.. LOL


Cheri said...

LOL It was crazy yesterday but I missed the clown active of Crazywackomomma.... Oh well.. maybe next time I'll catch it. :o) I went to bed at 1 am too, still tired when I woke up.

CrazyMomma said...

HAHAHA!! Guess I am popular?! Me as Redhead Clown.. *ROFL* Thanks... Like I always say.. Laughter is the best medicines. Everyone deserve to laughs for their own health's sake. Hehe!!

I had fun!! Thanks for pulling me in... It was AWESOME!!

GalaxyAngelz said...

Yes Crazymomma,
You're the one clown and punching yourself and trying to screen next door or upstair or bottom. Name it.
Cause you booted it out constantly.. LOL
That making me lauff'n so hard.

Deaf Monkey said...

Oh yeah CrazyMomma is crazy to punching lol other days ago that she got kicked out by webcam lol hahaha make me laugh hahahaha it was sure so BLAST FUN!!! from stickam lol :-D

CrazyMomma said...

AWWW I feel special!!!!

LovelyBlkGal said...

dang i miss it! *grins* but will next time if i have time for that ;)