Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grrrrrr My older son!!!

Self Clean Coil Range

When My older son asked me about late dinner. He took the French fries and Chicken burger then put into the oven. Turned to 350*F on While I just wanted to make sure everything okay when it cooking finished and let me know. I went downstair and using my computer. When My older son came down the stair and see me. He tell me about the oven stuck and can't open it. Likely My gosh, Making me grow bitchy. I came upstair and straight to the kitchen. Likely Whoa.. What hell he doing!! He said, STUCK and cannot open stupid oven! Looked the self clean locked. I tries to open it but couldn't. So My son trying open it but couldn't and decide to find knife and to open the lock but not work. Alternative way is.. you know of screw + marked on it.. he using knife and try open the screw out, finally one open it out.. But I couldn't stand it watch.. Making me bitchy him more more.... I walk away from the kitchen and.... (Mike) older son- when my mom left i found out she bent the shit outta the lock thingy so i bent it back and undid the lock... moms not that smart!
Ugh Michael say that! *mumbling*
I saw him brought the late dinner and grabbed his little food out of his plate.. (chuckles). That was last night!


Deaf Monkey said...

oh whew! good thing your stove is fine now. :o)

Cheri said...