Monday, January 21, 2008

Anyone know about video compress and video editing/effects/cut flimstrip?

No Vlog here today.. :( due too large mb.. (sigh) fusterate.
Tired of waiting upload youtube took me 10am until 2pm.. What hell is that awful long upload?
Wha..a.. joke?

Need your help..
I have hard time w/my video upload which it's, google, stage6 and others but still failed.. due too large mb.. *puzzled*
My video was 4 minutes today.
Last prevouis vlog 1st and 2nd was almost 7minutes.. (strange)? Why isn't same as today I was tapping video 4minutes and 248mb.. I tried to find video compress which uses avi..
Try to use Window Media video maker still not working..
Stage6 upload compress not working....
Made me fusterated hell!

Anyone can help me ?

I've been searched the video editing/effects/cut flimstrip and etc.. but nothing found..
I did try use Movavi and Vegas Movie Studio 8.0 (trail) but seems isn't my type and want video there!
So I can see video there.. plus flimstrips too.. anytime I can cut the filmstrip and add effects.. That what I'm looking for..
Anyone knew about the best software? Give me url please?
Thank you very much for your time.........

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