Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big IF..IF... Concern about Deaf School Future?

Big Hello Everyone!

My topics about: My concern about Deaf School future as big IF!?

This is my 3rd vlog:

Thanks to Deaf Chipmunk (David Kerr) stated about tiredsome hearing depressing topics about ci.. As much, I do agree w/him 100% because seen around Deaf Peoples are angry and upset about Ci.. That facts Yes but not even think twice about future... What the most needs important things about Deaf Community future! Keep stay alive all the time no dies!

Thank you Deaf Chipmunk (David Kerr) again!

Anyway, Back to topic about: Deaf School as related to under Gov't...

I'm tired of spelling my name over over over... So I'd rather you can recoglize my sign language name.. "t" and high five palm tapping forth.. So I want to discussion this topic about Gov't..

My food of thoughts came and pop up in my mind.. Pretty quite good topic.. "Government" are the most relates to School, medical and etc... Wait minute, School, School... Oh yes.. That what I mentioned about School because related to under Gov't which talk about in Ontario, Canada..
There's have listing Deaf School under Gov't ownz..
1. Belleville, Ontario: Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf
2. Milton, Ontario: Ernest C. Drury School for the Deaf
3. Toronto (cross off mistake) Robarts School (Deaf School)

3 listings are part of under gov't owns.. whateher gov't can rights closing Deaf School due numerous of student or.. doesn't care all want close one of school due their funding? Don't know (predicts what up to Gov't's mind of plan in the future)

Even One of states.. I selected Califorina because I've heard about Fremont Deaf School may close school... That huge concern about Deaf School lead close and about Deaf Children/Teenagers where will go? Sort of Arnold Schwenger(sp) cannot even spell his last name... LOL
He's plan to close Fremont Deaf School...

Send Deaf Children/Teenagers go home.. May go to Mainstream School (Hearing School), Does they willing pay funds toward to an interpreter??? Too large Deaf Students will split different classroom... enough for an interpreter provides ?

Let's discuss..... Team work together! Throw this topics pro vs con...


Susan said...

I don't think the hearing school will hire interpreter if there are only a few deaf students. They don't want to pay it.

mishkazena said...

Schools are required by various laws to provide interpreters for Deaf/HoH students if they need them

David said...

Yes, we are all facing a huge challenge. We need to be creative to perserve and promote our ways of life. It is not easy but we can move on and do our best.


Deb Ann said...

It's the same problem in my hometown

Coach Creech said...

Yes, I agree with you, and we are facing a huge challenge everyday to educate them. Good issue! Coach Creech

Anonymous said...

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