Friday, January 25, 2008

Force?, Nah, You can't, control you, and etc...

Hello Everyone!
I'm Terri.... Want tell you about this topic.
"Force, Nah, You can't, control you, and etc..."
Hearing People are tend say to you..
Made me turned off instant because they assumption about you..
Oh please!

P.S. **One day, I'll learn how use subtitles soon.. Just got new software "Movie edit pro" and give me few days. I hope and will pah!**


Aslpride said...

Did I experience any of those. Oh hell yes! :)

I have several experiences, but I will share one story. One time when I go with my group for Boy Scout camp. There were over 50 different troops of Boy Scout and club scout. All of them are hearing except my brother and I. We did went different activities except my master told us that we can't get on canoe because it is dangerous for us, but many others kids did get on canoe. I realized that he doesn't want me to be on canoe because he might think that deaf person can't do it.

Thank you for brings it up. It is not good memories, but I hope we can learn from it and educate everyone who didn't know who we are.

Coach Creech said...

Indeed, I been thurough this experiences before, and I'm sure deafies felt like this the way hearing people done to us. That's enough..