Friday, February 1, 2008

AGBELL need stop whine...

Finally... It's subtitles now. Took me long hours to type every script films. Pretty Interesting to learn use subtitles. (chuckles) Anyway...
AGBELL need stop whine!

AG Bell Speaks Up on Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

"AG Bell’s Board President, Karen Youdelman, and Executive Director, Alexander T. Graham, spoke up about Pepsi’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial featuring a deaf storyline ( In a letter written to PepsiCo corporate executives, Youdelman and Graham stated, “Although we appreciate Pepsi’s efforts to encourage new promotional ideas from your rank-and-file employees and your willingness to celebrate diversity, we would be remiss if we did not call your attention to the fact that…your advertisement perpetuates a common myth that all people who are deaf can only communicate using sign language.”

Youdelman and Graham then called upon PepsiCo to continue “…to educate the public…and promote appreciation for those individuals that go above and beyond to overcome the absence of something many of us take for granted - the miracle of sound.”

You may go ahead contact Pepsi,
And Thank them for their effort to expose ASL. *shake applause hands* Yes do it!

I cannot believable what a...heck wrong with AGBELL??
Is AG Bell Afraid of Something?
My answer: YES!!!! AGBELL doesn't want lose their business!

AGBELL cannot accept with Pepsi Company which they already release promptly Deaf commercial. That's too bad! Deaf Community really happy hearing all about Pepsi company sponsor for Deaf. I'm very happy and proud Pepsi Company willing do anything for Deaf Commercial TV Show of Pepsi. I do applause them! Great way to go!

AGBELL is expecting everyone must learn adapt teaching oral methods and cochlear implant will help improve better future community relationship. Where is that coming from information?? Honestly it's false information.
I've seen several few CI'ers who were not happy their feelings emotions and expression because of Parent were pressuring. I hope, One day, Everyone will wake up and understand open mind best interest for Deaf Child needs meet better education in Deaf School than Oral Methods close narrow minds focus "Mouth and Ears". I've been there experience about my past childhood and through patience make my parent happy. I don't!

Don't let AGBELL control you or everyone! Let's stand up and be strong best for ASL!


Banjo said...

Great vlog and I agree... what the members of AGBELL did was ridiculous. I was pretty appalled to read of the news yesterday.

Of all of things to complain about, they had to pick the upcoming Pepsi commercial!

Geez. It's so hard to please everybody.

B.A.D. said...

Right ON!!!

WE are the TRUTH (Deaf)

AGBell who we call AGBAD are nothing but LIES!!!!!

I was so disheartened to learn of AGBad doing this...was too sick.

The DeafBlind's Musing said...

Great vlog Terri!

Good impact this way and positive reinforcement goes a long way! Kudos to you girl!

Misha said...

*hands wave*

Nice vlog even though it's little dark but that is all right.

Even though AGBell sent the letters to Pepsi, it is too late for them because Pepsi and the deaf community already worked hard on it for a year. It was already set up and ready for tomorrow. So tough luck to AGBell.

Most deaf people including me already sent our thank you and congratulations letters to Pepsi Co. for Bob's House commercial being shown on TV tomorrow.

Misha :D

GalaxyAngelz said...

Banjo, Thanks for your compliments!
Yes, AGBELL need learn accept and let it go!

Yeah. Here's truth finally 'bout the time!

the deafblind's musing,
*bow bent down* Why thank you! (chuckles) Yes, Indeed pretty patience and going long way to become better expose reinforcement everyone. As long, I still applause to Pepsi Commercial did success best for Deaf Community become into TV Commercial! Way to go!

Misha, Yeah bit dark but i did try my best edit little constract bit bight but not enough.. That was during night time and tiny light.. (chuckles).

Deb Ann said...

hands wave!! You are all the way to top, Terri!

Jim said...

I agree and I have mentioned this issue in my blog about my disagreement with Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf's letter so I issued an email to them about my thoughts.

Virginia Deaf Bikers said...

Can you tell me what is it about agbell? who is that?

GalaxyAngelz said...

Virgina Deaf Biker,
AGBELL is focus on:
"The new certification program for Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (LSLS) for Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapists and Certified Auditory-Verbal Educators."
Reason goal encourage peoples come forward AGBELL and best teaching young children learn speak and listening. Don't let them know about ASL sign languages. Assuming that really find this ridiculously!

AGBELL is famous..
Here's link:
He think best for Deaf young and adult can speak by oralist.
Now Today, AGBELL want bring it back again from long time ago and want improve their business.

Isn't gonna be success..

Applause for Pepsi Deaf Commercial came spread on media. Like Everyone Deaf Community gonna be proud!

Katzie said...

I had the same question as Virginia Deaf Bikers about AGBell. Your answers made sense and now I understood why you posted your vlog. I applaud you for sharing your thoughts and I agree. Great vlog!

ASL Risen said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! LOVE IT!!! hugs, S

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