Sunday, February 3, 2008

Do you want hear another my 3rd joke?

Hey Everyone, If you feel not good mood?
Why don't you come and view my joke video..
Relax, sit down and enjoy viewing my joke video... Prepare your popcorn and cold drink!

Reason I'm boring so why not I brought it up my another jokes. while I'm in the car.

This is not related my comment below from jokes..
Why I'm in the car?
Reason I'm going to London, Ontario because software was not working properly runs and came blank. So My husband and I went over to the Future Shop in London,Ontario and to replace the software. We met the woman who willing runs and check what wrong with software turn it out fine. Strange why isn't working my computer. The woman explained us about properly hardware called " Internal Super Multi DVD Re-writter" which comes with 20x DVD + R Write Speed, 8.5GB DVD =Double Layer 10x and DVD-R Dual 10x" Which called hardware "SecurDisc" under LG company. Pretty interesting to have that product. I'm very pretty stupid myself because not even knowledge about computer whiz and what wrong w/my computer and etc.. Turn it out software is fine! *ahem* By the way, I'm very embarrassed! (chuckles) My husband was really little grinning his eyes stare on me but enjoy driving way to London from my hometown St Thomas. (chuckles)


Coach Creech said...

LOL That's good. I enjoyed your joke lately.. Come on, give us a good joke more.. Thanks

The DeafBlind's Musing said...

ROFL!! I love this one Terri! Keep on posting more jokes!

Hail to the Queen of Vlog jokes! *bowing down to you!*

Deb Ann said...


that is very good one!