Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Appointment and unexpected....


My appointment was X Ray. I came and nofity them that I'm here! Receptionist asked me , Can I have green Card please? I gave them two different ID of Green Card and Health Card too.

Receptionist asked me question, why is there different address. Geez, I explain the stupid lady, Look another Health Card there already have new address why can't you read it ?

Seems this lady ignore what I'm asking and decide send me to Central Registry office.. Made me pissy off!
I refused to go Registry Office and prefer take me frigg'n X-RAY... This lady was kinda surprised how am I rude!

I don't give this lady a damn my rights! Within 10 minutes later, finally the x-ray staff came and see me, "Come over w/me and go over to X-ray" I was following her way to the x-ray area and gave me gown and paper gown.. I asked wha.. hell this ? (pointed my finger to paper gown) Nice Lady promptly open the paper gown.. There's go.. Ahhh I see, Interesting looks so different gown. meanwhile I came out the change room and must carried my fucking valuables purse! X-ray Staff promptly gesture body langauges and easy to talk which went smooth as well! Only took me 8 minutes finish taking picture of me! *chuckles* Reason X-ray took picture of my pelvis that where I had been hard time with stupid new parts inside of me. I do not understand why few months ago, previous I already taken x-ray but came result negative and send me another appointment ultra sound came still shit same result few months ago. This time Today, I hope it will come result positive!


I got a call from my daughter's school and want me pick her up right away! I felt alike *UGH* I paged them reply back and stated that my suv isn't working run at all still Dead since 2 weeks from now so Give me another 20 minutes prior arrival my daughter's school.

I rushed and grabbed my winter coat and full of scarf and thick hat kept me warm. Making me feel alike unwanted to take long haul walk within 5 blocks away from my home to reach my daughter's school. Making me feel pissy off big time.

Finally I arrived my daughter's school and met the vice principal.
Promptly I asked the vice principal " Can you care explain me why my daughter in trouble?" Vice Principal stated that She was disobeying some of reasons. In my mind, Wha.. a joke? I asked Vice principal again, "Fill me in full details about why she not disobeying for what reason?" I can see Vice Principal's eyes rolled up the ceiling. I say, Relax! Finally Explained me why she is disobeying which she trying to write the little note and pass to her friend that all somehow Teacher spotted her and ask her please give me. My daughter say okay, fine and ripped the paper pieces out and gave it out to Teacher. Guess what, Teacher was so angrily and "shout at her" GO THE OFFICE! I say.. oh I see.. That's all. I laughed so hard, There's MINOR BEHAVE. Isn't hurt.. What the heck problem with Teacher's looks? She have to rights ripped the paper out and to prevent Teacher snooping what my daughter says. Not for Teacher.. It's personal directly to her FRIEND. Do this offended ? Vice Principal stunned surprised and stated that "You're right" I ask why she send suspend for no reason! Fill me again!!!
Vice Principal gave it up and willing welcome her come back school in the morning instead suspend after all the lunch. She have to return home as half day. I agreed and settled. So what, I have to speak it out because seems there's not big fucking serious! Frigg'n wasting my time for nothing and long haul walk to go school then return home.. $%#%#!$^% My daughter say, "I'm sorry MOM, I wasn't mean that happend ever again.." I say to her, "NEVER MIND, as long you have to behave respect that is it!"

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Cheri said...

LMAO!!! DAMN You are soo fucking funny!! I would be pissed too if I had to walk all the way to my sons school for just something so minor... WTF... Would waste my time that's for sure... Gonna love you Terri, whenever you need a roommate I'll take you in my home within a heartbeat Lol too funny!!