Friday, March 9, 2007

Wha... am I doing rest of all day!

Food Shopping: I went to SuperStore and buying JUNK FOODS reason My children are holiday for March Break... *mumbling* My Kids request that. So I will not have to cooking rest of a march break. Finally I'm vacation break and no cooking. Let kids can handle themselves and have cook their own junk foods.
JUNK FOODS: French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Burger, Burger, Chicken Balls, Macorni (Krafty Dinner), Hot Dogs and Snacks.

I will not eat like this junk foods rest of a week.. Forget it.. My hubby and I will have alternative another health foods.

Aquarium Fish Store: My older son and I went into Aquarium Fish Store and to buy sucking fish (like this picture) Reason to help clean the tank and prevent dirty water.

Cost 4.55 dollars isn't bad price which it's still cheap!

My simple Dinner: Roast Beef w/Color Peppers and Onions Sandwich..


Don't Drool this food but too late! I ate whole Roast Beef Sandwich.. *chuckles*


When I was rushed and fast pull my pant down and sat down the toilet.. * stunned surprised* Where fucking toilet paper go?
I was *shouting hell bitchy* WHERE FUCKING TOILET PAPER?" My older son came and laughed at me... Sorry, I took it. I feel alike slap his face but Damn him. I asked him, please get another toilet paper. I waited for 5 minutes.. Damn hurt my butt stayed too long sitting the toilet... fawk!

Finally He came and gave me the toilet paper!
*mumbling* !#%$#%#$^^


Deaf Monkey said...

LOL!! out of toilet papers lol good thing not at the public like wal mart or something lol

CrazyMomma said...

LMAO!! It happens to me ALLLLL the time!! Damnit!! I brought the new toliet holders that hold 6 rolls beside the toliet.. If the roll is out, there is another roll beside the toliet that way I won't have to stand up and walk all the way to another door to get the toliet paper...

GalaxyAngelz said...


Yeah sometimes happened like that.. When I'm alone in the house and rushed into the bathroom. Oh shit, no toilet paper roll here.. I have to walk slow and to get stupid another toilet roll.. Which good thing nobody sees me..


Cheri said...

Lmao!! It does happen to me sometimes, Kids don't even put a new roll on the toilet rod, I would not even noticed until I sit on the toilet and finding out there's no toilet paper... grrr... I feel like my shit is dripping down my legs or feel smashing right in my ass line.... Lol