Monday, March 5, 2007

*Bitchy Mode*

Today, I've got turned into BITCHY MODE because got 3 different bills arrived and warned about disconnected this Thursday March 8th 2007. I made phone calls (using Video phone) and spoke w/ Internet company and stated that they have not received my payable which it's wrong account. They were recommend me to go over to my personal bank. I was kinda very fury because I've went there couple weeks ago and discussion went well but turn it out uglier section then hang up the video mode because of bitchy increase higher. Took me cool off and went over to see my bank and discussion again and stated that still investington why Internet company have not gotten my payable. I was so upset and worried about the service may disconnected and unpleasant w/this stupid internet company.

Came back home and made another two calls (using video phone) and talk sort it out.. They want me go over to the Hydro Company and to pay in the person.. I yelled (but video relay services didn't hear me) LOL which it's good thing anyway, "HOW CAN I FUCKING GET THERE HYDRO COMPANY, DUE MY SUV ISN'T MOVE AT ALL IT'S FUCKING BROKEN DOWN EVER SINCE TWO WEEKS". They knew that I already made reported them couple weeks ago and agreement that I using payable by banking on line.. Wha.. the heck whoever have not made noted reported status about arrangement.. Made me pissy HELL BITCHY mode! Then another phone calls for Telephone bills, Went well and smooth. Which I'm glad!!! Making me calmer but still inside my body still tension emotions bitchy mode!

My husband kept stay away from me distance as well because I'm frigg'n bitchy and mocking awful lot. See I'm right now bitchy mode ongoing! *#%$$^$#^@#!!&^&^$*

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Cheri said...

LMAO!!!! You go Terri!!! Lmao!!! Damn girl, that was some bitchy mode you were on, was it on high volume? Lmao!!!! I gonna love Terri she's soo freggin cool!!