Tuesday, March 6, 2007



Tuesday March 6th 2007,
My husband and I went over seeing our Lawyer office and took us stall because their computer down and do the paperwork.

Piece of Shit and tired sitting took me pain butt because sat the frigg'n same hard chair within 3 1/2 hours to wait finish up the paper work. Unfortunately Recpitionist was mistyped too fast and got so many mistake words every the words. *Mumbling* Mak'n me frustrater and waiting so long. Until finally finished at 1pm from 10am. Wha.. the heck?

Way way...Different topic!

We went over to the Zellers Store and to straight the Canada Post Office. I request the fax to the Broker Company issued that our suv isn't move at all and still Dead! Reason we are restless to hear about the pre-approval loan due reason to fix our KIA Sportage suv because of damn fix the stupid transmission!! We are felt tired of asking our friend and lift us a ride since 2 weeks from now.. Pretty sick of it.. Where our FUCKING freedom ride anywhere?
We refuse ride on stupid City Bus forget it, because FUCKING WAITING TOO LONG.. We ain't become MEAT FROZEN! *mumbling*

My husband arrive home last nite around 1130pm and gave me the news about...Snow Storm turned out UGLIEST ever I seen.. It's FUCKING WHITE OUT! He was stay and stand up still reason avoid fell down out of the bridge or step into the road. He stay there for few seconds because couldn't see ANYTHING FUCKING! Reason on the way his work from my home. I replied him, Oh please stop wussy, weather seems fine!

Next Day in the morning
I was shocked and learned about the newspaper issued SNOW STORM. Whoa... That ugly weather ever I seen. I didn't stepped outside yet which good thing, Kept me warm inside rest of day. "The London Free Press", to see the picture..
"Gone 12 Seconds"
This is London surrodings area away from my hometown within 20 minutes.
I felt bad about this new because My husband was stated this news. *Oh Great, why me kept say Oh stop being wussy!" Shucks!


Cheri said...

Lmao!! good stories!! made me laugh and laugh.. more more more more stories!! I love your stories. *patting like dog*

Deaf Monkey said...

Oh wow that gonna be very fed up all day damn!..

Wow I see the newspaper in your hometown that had so much snow that look like hard to see where you go wow. Here I dont see any of snow like that oh wow but hope so not in here lol *cross my fingers* not in here *chuckles* lol

Cheri said...

You got to love Terri, she's a brave chick, don't have no patient with idoit people.. I love it!! Reminds me of St. Louis when she bang on the door lmaoooooooooo... omg.. I can't forget that one I almost die laughing so hard.. man she's soo friggin funny as hell!

Gonnna love Terri she's awesome!!