Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I want share with you, What I did researched.... (AgBAD)

This is part 1 7:20 minutes. and also will continue part 2 below 3:41 minutes.
I think you need benefits to get know more info about different topics. What I like
to share with you so many issues. ASL video only.

And also other thing issue Donate:
Why Gallaudent University and NITD donate to AgBAD funds? Does Gallaudent and NITD knew about AgBAD's background?? Doesn't make sense AgBAD still hate ASL reason want their goal mouth and Ears= Speak/Listening (Speech therapy and AVT) Why AgBAD asking more donate "begged" help for Young children needs Hearing aid? **BEHIND THEIR SCREENING* advantages everyone received donate and expense on CI... not hearing aid.
Rest of Gally/NTID really blind about AgBAD's background.. Needs time to stop donate toward to AgBAD and make it so soon as possible before continue donating..

Ideally, a bill of rights for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children should include the concepts discussed in this article. The enactment of such a bill in your state may be possible by keeping your legislators informed of Deaf and Hard of Hearing education issues working with your state Association of the Deaf, and maintaining open communication with local, state and national service providers, programs, organizations, agencies, and other appropriate individuals and entities.

***AgBAD is part of advocacy for Deaf and Hard of Hearing but NOT!!! Their own Independent way not part of other organizations. It's discrimination!***

The Child should have the rights to have ASL as one of the academic subjects in his /her educational curriculum when the child's primary languages is ASL.

Child can speak their own rights but AgBAD and Parent keep pressuring to the Deaf Child. Do you know why, Deaf Child have no back up Intervention supportive worker. Deaf Child will suffer and unhappy..(pretend make Parent HAPPY) Is that good health?

Which AgBAD is trying to monopolizing convince Hearing Parents who have a Deaf Child. Make your Child is successful become Hearing person and not allowed Sign Languages. Hearing Parent are happy best interest for their child have cochlear Implant. How Child have rights? Hearing Parents have rights? Mixed up signals.. who fault learned from AgBAD and Hospital Doctor encourged them opinion 1.

Look Listen Carefully:
American School for the Deaf-Established in 1817 (very first school founded)
It's ASL (Sign Languages).

27 Years later,

AgBAD founded in 1890... Speech therpy, provide hearing aids and much more..
(ahem) AgBAD is taken over Deaf Community/organizations/society and agency... reason goal wipe them all out of their business.

FYI: Agbad is totally blew 2nd times letter.. which it's discrimination. Anybody who can rights sue them? Totally Broke the American bill of rights under NAD.

1st video dated: Feb 5th 2008
2nd Video dated: Feb 6th 2008

Anything More Feedbacks???
Would be appreciated sharing teamwork together!


Misha said...

Hello, Terri...

Um, about ASD (American School for the Deaf) started on 1817 while AGBell started on 1890. How did AGBell get an idea about starting with making the kids learning to talk and hear without ASL? All that started at Milan of 1880! They wanted to banish deaf teachers, ASL, deaf staff from all deaf schools.
As for ASD, I'm not too sure but I need to check to be sure. I think ASD's deaf staff and teachers kept going. But I think....I first, they sent deaf teachers and staff packing but kept ASL anyway. However, eventually, ASD brought back deaf teachers and staff anyway. Still, I'm not too sure.

I don't know if you know AGBell himself knew sign languages since he married his deaf oralist wife but she knew some signs, I think. And also, he wanted to sterilize all deaf females and males to prevent more deaf genes to come. And AGBell put deaf adults away from each other in many miles away or even many counties away from each other to prevent them from socialize.
That's what I recalled that far. But correct me if I'm wrong in some parts, anybody else. Just let me know.

Misha :D

Misha said...

Hey, Terri...

Ahah....found one interesting thing.

Check this out! Here is the link:
That is from ASD's site where the history is in there. Read what AGBell did.

Misha :D

GalaxyAngelz said...


Yeah, I knew it all along, When I was researched yesterday and also try to find more than deeper background.

Ahh, Thank you Misha for bring url..
Exactly what pointless..
Proof: "Oral skills are not usually very useful for communication among deaf persons, and the use of the oral method practically bars the deaf from careers as teachers. The American School for the Deaf, during this period, tried out students in oral classes first, and if they did not succeed, put them in manual classes instead, under a philosophy called the Combined System. Many other schools for the deaf embraced the oral method to a greater extent."

*COUGHING* Agbell still ignores this one kinds. He knew find another way to convince them and goal oralist better way.

I'm not sure where Agbell did moved another place way far eastern?? That hits me curiosity more.. I could try find website but no luck finding..
I'm not going giving up this one!

I do not think so Agbell knew Sign Languages. Only speak oral.
I believe, Yes he did sterilize all Deaf peoples and try better life but not works! He become popular and famous then spreading words by words for everyone.
Why he such so stubborn and ain't going giving up. Until Today, Exactly same pattern ways. Made me sick of it.

ASL Risen said...

Hallo Terri, Galaxy Angel!!!

Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU for your own time on researching!!!WOW!! Hard work!! I love you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo hugs

GalaxyAngelz said...

Your welcome anytime. :)