Monday, February 4, 2008

UPDATED.. about Pepsi Deaf Commercial.. *Canadian*

UPDATED: I spoke w/TV company this morning through vp they were telling me "Sorry, We aren't bring FOX's commercial here on Canada Broadcast and only willing bring SuperBowl Football showing.. (Sadly) We are Canadian. I wish Canada Broadcast adapt with American Broadcast for commercial. They understand and asked me, "I heard about AGBell and tell me what happened" I was kind little stunned surprise! *ahem* I gave little spill the beans about AGBAD. That's all I can say more..
I do not want fill in more details.. and let them look into the DeafRead and other website.. One day, TV company will understand how Deaf Community feel.

I cannot believe about: Dont Blame AGBell For Missing The PepsiCo Ad
The Orange Deafie Blog As evidenced in the photo above, the deafies were already pointing their cannons at AGBell for what they thought was responsible for PepsiCo pulling the ad. Click on the image to view larger picture.The ad was never pulled. It was actually shown before the game.YES, BEFORE THE GAME!So don't blame AGBell for missing the PepsiCo ad.Blame it on the high illiteracy rate...

U know who is.. RICHARD ROHEM (Nesmuth)

(sigh) He is pointing finger directly blame Deaf people aren't read sufficient?
Excuse me!


ASL Risen said...


David said...

Hi Terri,

Yes that is right. I am glad you called TV boardcast about American commercials not being on Canadian TVs.

Richard R.'s behaviour is unacceptable. I think he needs to deal with himself.


mule4350 said...

Hi Terri,

In Canada I have two Fox channels as one is on basic as like your and other is time shift as USA Commerical as I was watching it on FOX Spokane and Fox Rochester under CTV SHOW

The DeafBlind's Musing said...

Oh Terri, bless your sweet heart! *HUGS*

You see why I adore you and your fierce advocate ways. You shine through your v/blog with positive reinforcement, KUDOS!

ASL Risen said...

Let you know that I already made my video comment response on Deaf TV Videos (pls do copy and paste)





I hope you will understand my points! Thank you so much for your patience! hugs, S

Anonymous said...

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