Sunday, February 3, 2008

Winter Time ...


When I was child and the snow
Trapped me 6ft below.

I cannot express, how I feel about trapped me 6ft below the snow. Pretty funny, but my dad was so
angry at me. When I was climbed up high the stairway railing beside the storm door and jump fly over the snow. Really funny but I'm stuck into the snow 6ft below and cannot get out, so decide screaming calling "DADDY" but didn't hear me sort of little bit long actually don't know how long, I was staying there. Finally, My Daddy spotted me but can't get me out the 6ft below snow so took shoveling. He took long shoveling snow sort of looks alike as Moses command water split down the center. I love this funny memories when I was child and believed year was 1975-76's something.
Sorry: Funny Happened perfect timing, my daughter came to me but wasn't expecting real live recording camera.. Ha ha.. I love my daughter! (chuckles)

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The DeafBlind's Musing said...

I just love your story!

Keep vlogging away my Queen! Gosh, your beautiful daughter is the exact replica of you, Terri!

Tactile smile with love!