Sunday, February 3, 2008

Not Happy with AGBELL = AGBAD!!!

What hell AGBELL selfish!!
They did that and made stop aired Pepsi Deaf Commercial!
I've learned shocked the news recently..
Here's link:

I'm very pretty upsetting about this one.

Why AGBELL dare push Pepsi company away and to stop aired..? How did they made it through?
Did AGBELL hollering help and their rights to stop them where through right channel?

Im not very good mood vlog here today this hours!

sorry.. :(


Seek said...

Actually from what I heard that they did air the commercial during PREgame (before Super Bowl started) but not everyone really watched Pregame, anyways.


Anonymous said...

Bob's house ad did show up between 530 to 545pm...not sure exactly time but just before the super bowl game. I saw it.

GalaxyAngelz said...

My husband did watch WHOLE THING.. since 3pm until 1030pm.. not even missed.. We have recording the show which it's PVR. "Personal Viewer Recording" Automatic copied rest 3pm to 1030pm.. and there's nothing appear on it.
I did emailed to Pepsi company and asked wonder where is the commercial showing aired and fill me about what time exactly.. and etc.
I'll find it out later update when I get email from Pepsi.

David said...

Actually it did not show in Canada.

It was only in the USA and of course before the game started.


NorthTrue said...

I guess AGBAD bend pepsi's arm back not to air pepsi on superbowl about Deaf joke. I show our people at curling bonispel with laptop which is wireless and they are so laugh on that and i was told them to keep eye on NFL whole game that will show on commerical but nothing happen. I feel fool that they are expect to see that one.... ohh One day AGAB will be sorry... WOnder if something relate to AGAB issue put on air to tv Will we stop them? Be prepare.


GalaxyAngelz said...

Only In USA.. Interesting.. (Oh shucks) Thanks David (DeafChip)

Even why pre-game is only once Pepsi Deaf Commercial aired? Made me wonder... and also other friends who live in USA and telling me about commercial wasn't on aired before pre-game. I'll find it out later update and wait for hear about Pepsi company.
Will fill you in news when I get a email.

Joey Baer said...

I was told that it was aired at 4:09 pm EST. That was 21/2 hours before the kickoff. I taped it and need to see if its on my DVR machine.

GalaxyAngelz said...

Joey Baer,
You wrote: "I taped it and need to see if its on my DVR machine."
If you did seen DVR machine.. let me know and there appeared it. only once aired or more than aired Pepsi commercial before pre-Game.

Adam said...

Some people here asked why the commercial aired only once. Super Bowl ads cost MILLIONS of dollars. 95% of the ads shown during the Super Bowl is shown only once (and in fact, many of them are never shown ever again on television!). So it's perfectly reasonable for Pepsi to show the "Bob's House" ad only once.

Tom said...

Yes, I saw it. It was aired before Super bowl started.

John Lestina --- said...

Yes I saw it at 4:15 (eastern time) and it looked so cool. It was on pre-game show, not during superbowl.

NorthTrue said...

hello again
ignore my first comment,
but next time more info specific on what time they air then we sure watch we will see it all then no comment.
Sorry Peace

ASL Risen said...

I AGREED with you 100% that AGBAD is STILL SO GREEDY and SELFISH! Go look at Hearing Culture Jokes on 4th quarter but why NOT have Bob House's Deaf Culture Joke on 4th quarter??? I feel hurt by ODAC insulted me LOW LEVEL READING SKILLS! I cannot help it because I grew up ORAL education!

GalaxyAngelz said...

UPDATED: I spoke w/TV company which it's Canadian.. and stated that Sorry, We aren't bring FOX's commercial here.. (Sadly) We are Canadian. I wish Canada Broadcast adapt with American Broadcast for commercial. They understand and asked me, "I heard about AGBell and tell me what happened" I was kind little stunned surprise! *ahem* I gave little spill the beans about AGBAD. That's all I can say more..
I do not want fill in more details.. and let them look into the DeafRead and other website.. One day, TV company will understand how Deaf Community feel.